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    Default Rouge/Bard Build?

    Hey there, I only recently started playing ddo. I created an elf rouge and she is now level 7, I focused on disarming traps and spot/listen etc... I am having a really great time with her! But now, however, I really like the idea of the buffing and CC of a bard coupled with the fantastic trap finding and disarming power of a rouge.

    I have drow and 32 point builds unlocked, and, although I don't see you including them in this build, no warforge please.

    So, in short, I'd like a character with amazing trap finding and dismantling power coupled with the powerful CC and Buffing of a bard.

    I only play with a few close friends, so we will not be raiding (so don't bother with that high end type of gear)

    Oh, and also I'm not very familiar with the lingo, so if could supply a definition at some point of any abbreviations you might make, I would be greatly in your debt.

    Thank you so much for your time and wisdom. I really appreciate this!

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    Heya, check out my signature. There's quite a few Utility builds you can look at for inspiration and to read the discussions to understand more about Bards. Have fun! (And please post a comment on the guide if you enjoy it or have any questions that aren't covered.)
    Please split the class forums into REAL subcategories this is a jumbled mess.

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