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    1) Be sure to pick up your small bags from Mari Mosshand in the Harbour and The Twelve patron in the Twelve enclave

    2) Do not buy +1 stat items or weapons from the DDO Store

    3) You can purchase Medium Bags from the House J vendors, do no pay AH prices. You also get a Large Ingredients Bag for free from the Twelve Patron favor.

    ) 1d6 = One 6 sided dice, rolled to randomly determine a number.
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    1) Press 'e' to quickly pick up those piles of coins/potions
    2) Don't buy armor from the DDO store, it is easily found in the game.
    3) Set up and use multiple hotbars. Searching through the inventory screens for that one needed pot is not needed.

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    1) CON is not a dump stat*
    2) If you are in group running a quest or raid you are unfamiliar with listen to the advice of the person that is familiar with it. If no one is familiar with it, stay between the rogue and the healer.
    3) If you do not know what a zerg is do not join a 'zerg' group.


    *For new players: a dump stat is is one that you lower or ignore in order to put points into a main stat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Feylina View Post
    -60hp at level 12 is not funny...
    I know its not funny but I couldn't help laughing.
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    1) Stacking - most people coming to DDO are veterans from other games where you pile on multiple +stat items and they stack with each other, and it's not made clear in DDO that they don't. My first character nearly 4 years ago was a Cleric and I ran around with 4 +1 wis items on for ages until I realised the mistake.

    2) Anyone can sneak. It wasn't until about 3 months into the game that I learned my cleric could sneak. Badly of course, but I didn't even know it was an option.

    3) Adding extra Int does not give retroactive skill points. I took Int as the skill gain on my Cleric at level 4 and 8 and was VERY disappointed when I didn't get an extra 8 skill points to spend.


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    it's not my job to keep you alive

    weapon finesse is a waste of a feat

    its a game, enjoy it for what it is
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarrant View Post

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    1. most game related questions can be answered here
    2. opinions on things that #1 does not fully explain are located here
    3. in case u didn't catch it in your perusal of #2 CON is NOT a dump stat
    P E S T I L E N C E

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    + Purple Bags appear for everyone to pick up, you don't have to leave some lay around for other members of your party.

    + Items that drop from breaking items (barrels, crates, etc) in your play environment are first come first serve
    .... Hit the 'Backspace' key followed by the 'U' key to pick things up quickly
    .... If someone else broke it, give them at let 2 seconds to pick it up first

    + If your broke, don't beg other players for coins, pick up everything and sell it no matter how little you get for it.

    + If you have a Sorc or Wiz in your party and they cast firewall, stand in the firewall to fight...

    + An 8/6/6 Fighter/Sorc/Cleric is not a good character at any level eve\n if you can "Cast spells on yourself"

    + Being level 20 does not make you a good player.... listening, contributing and self healing sure helps.

    + If you have run a quest (raid especially) less than 5 times, you are inexperienced and should let the party leader know.

    + A name like Uberbattlecleric or Hopedeathgun will not make you friends
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    - If your first character is a healer type character like cleric and your play style or personality do not like/want to waste a lot of resources healing others and expect other people to take care of themselves; then group with known people or guild only.

    - Do not expect your non-tome eaten mediocre stat (non-highest DC) caster at level be able to use instant kill spells and succeed at first shot.

    - You can turn on combat logs in a separate chat window and see what's affecting your character and come up with strategies to counter the next time you have a similar encounter. You can use filters in your chat windows.

    - Heavy fortification, greater false life, +6 constitution, +3 constitution tome, +2 exceptional constitution items are not optional for your characters.

    - Do not be afraid to submit bug reports. Developers have not tested every scenario or situations where strange behaviors occur.

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    Quit now before you're addicted.
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    Based on our most recent data, character tips for players who have opted in will be available on October 25th.

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    - Don't shout out to general chat looking for groups. Use the LFM panel.

    - Wizards can learn every arcane spell in the game. Purchase the appropriate spell inscription materials (by level), click the scroll, and then click your scribe scroll ability in your hotbar (you may need to place it there, first!) to add that spell to your spellbook.

    - A 6 strength is really low, and is probably going to frustrate you.

    - If you group with a bunch of warforged, true-reincarnated know-it-alls who perseverate on every nuance of their build, and jockey for kill count (and live in their mother's basement), feel free to make a piking heal-focused cleric with con as their dump stat.
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    Full list and descriptions of each feat, skill, enhancement, etc. There are several abilities that are vague about their exact function, ala Shield Mastery not listing the exact amount of extra blocking DR applied.

    Full list and descriptions for all random loot. (prefixes and suffixes)

    Full list and descriptions for named items. (including hidden effects)

    Stacking rules for different bonuses, especially DDO-specific things like alacrity. (alacrity doesn’t stack with haste)

    Formulas for DDO specific rules, such as shield blocking DR.

    Legend of “floating damage” numbers/symbols.

    Descriptions of other game mechanics I can’t think of at the moment.

    Basically, a continuously updated manual similar to those provided by games such as civilization.

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    Great idea for a thread

    1. In order to use the weapon sets you need to drag the set from the inventory screen to your hotbar

    2. How to delete items from your inventory

    3. How DR works, and how strong it is, especially at lower levels.

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    Just one, control click lets you type in a number to buy a lot of potions instead of just clicking again and again...

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    Argh - forgot the #1 thing to tell new people!
    Quote Originally Posted by Philam View Post
    I nominate you as head developer of DDO!
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    That tears it. I need to get a donkey.
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    Default The three that may've helped me most:

    1. Don't neglect fortification. I remember debating with myself if I should use a +1 Con and Heavy Fortification item over a +4 Con with Light Fort. Switching to Heavy Fort was one of the best things I did for survivability.

    2. Constitution shouldn't be ignored. Figured that one out quickly with a 10 Con Ranger I made once.

    3. Dual wielding weapons/using weapons which you're not proficient as a caster is fine, especially if you're not planning on hitting stuff in melee. I foolishly thought the penalty for dual-wielding hurt my wizard in other ways or something.

    Bonus choice:

    4. Learning how to properly select/target and inspect both enemies and friends alike. Simple enough, but I remember not bothering/thinking to inspect anything for the longest time. Doing so has saved me much time and resources while educating me some and making the game a little more enjoyable.

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    1. Visit the forums for advice and help. Seriously, too few players do it and it is a great resource.

    2. You're going to mess up your first character; that's half the fun. Learn, improve and come back kicking much more hind-quarters!

    3. CON is a dump stat for undead druids.

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    Default best advice I can give

    When you start playing find a static group and play with them exclusively.

    Don't ruin the experience playing with power gamers just power leveling their 3rd TR and people that have done the quest a thousand times.
    don't rush to get to the end game you will get there, enjoy the "now" game.

    start off playing badly and learn from your mistakes and have fun and struggle with your group.

    Avoid the Auction House and don't specifically twink your characters. Struggle is the law of growth, learn the game through exploration and not DDOwiki.
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    Default If I knew...

    #1 Things that are important for survival and enjoyment of the game are: Fortification Items (minimizes crits), Con Items and False Life Items (the way the mana/healing pool is designed in the game, the more HP you have, the more chances/time the cleric has to heal you).

    #2 Always respect the group of people that you are questing with. There are a lot of different ways of finishing each quest. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Most people in this game are great and would rather have you ask something than make things difficult/impossible.

    #3 Build the toon that you want to build. Most great players are better players because they play with respect and passion, not because their build is a better build (some clearly are though). Don't be afraid to ask questions about your build before you invest too much time. Remember though, as in most MMOs, the Devs are always trying to balance things, so if your toon isn't great today, it might be next week! Try to enjoy the game.

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    1) All new characters should have two hotbars loaded at creation and part of the tutorial should be to force them to drag an item from inventory, a weapon set, a feat and an enhancement (may not be possible unless you do an old sullys grog type thing). to the extra bar.
    2) Don't be afraid to ask questions in quest.
    3) If you are in a party and one of the other players bars is flashing green it means they are trying to talk to the party - if you can't hear them check you sound setup AND/OR tell them you can't hear them. If you don't speak their language fluently also tell them. Most people will type important instructions IF they know you need them to. They may grumble but they will do it in order to increase the chance of success.
    4) If you die in a group - DO NOT hit the release button until the leader says to. It can cause an XP hit that isn't necessary if someone in the group can get you back up or to a Res shrine.

    oh and that CON thing too.
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