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    1) 1d6 = 1 to 6 points of damage, AND CHANGE IT BACK!!
    2) CON?
    3) CON CON CON do not skimp here
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    1) Turbine's definition of "soon" may vary greatly from your own.
    2) CON is not a dump stat.
    2) Never schedule a day off work on a Monday and expect to play all day. (Go look at the maintenance history and you'll see why)
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    If you think your dps is high, it isn't. Unless it really is, but then you're a veteran with amazing gear anyway.

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    Coming from a 3.5 D&D background I thought I was prepared for building and playing a toon... the truth is I was and I wasn't. Sure I knew basics to make a toon and go and beat stuff up in Korthos, but what I didn't know were the build implications of my choices.

    So basically for completely new players I'd break it down like this: (and more importantly put it all in one spot!)

    1. Glossary of terms (the basics like class, race, statistics, feats and enhancements)
    2. Brief write ups on each class explaining what they do, what makes them different and the stats to focus on. Maybe Provide links to the build forums and descriptions of the pre-defined paths here too.
    3. Explain the impact of stats on Hit Points, Spell points and skills
    4. Explain the difference between/highlight skills that you must put a skill point into to use, and those that can use your attributes as a base.
    5. Explain feats and I don't mean explain every one of them, just the idea behind them and the feat progression.
    6. Explain enhancements again just the idea behind them, and the action point progression
    7. Provide an explanation of the F2P, Premium and VIP accounts (like here -> ... just reformat that, it looks horrible)
    8. I'd also have a description of picking up quests, completing them, and maybe a map introduction so they know what the symbols mean (which would cover ...hopefully... how to find mailboxes, banks and zone entrances).
    9. Provide a description of item abilities and what stacks and doesn't

    There's probably more, but that I think is a decent start.

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    1. Healing is line of sight. If the healer cannot see you, you will NOT be healed. It is YOUR job to remember this NOT theirs.

    2. Con is really not a dump stat. HP are arguably the most important thing on your toon...any toon.

    3. You really do not need to do that quest on elite. Do all the quests on hard and HEY! your 20...imagine that.

    4. Grab lots of clicky items and put them on your hotbar. Those Bless+Aid bracers from Korthos are awesome. +11 health and bless for 3 minutes a pop, yes please!

    5. That +2 to-hit item you get from Korthos you'll keep for a LONG time. Even when I got rid of it, I felt bad getting rid of it.
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    There is no instruction manual (for most of us), and as a tutorial/beginner's lounge Korthos will not teach you most of the important nuances of the rest of the game. The forums are a huge resource, so much so that there are tons of threads dedicated to new player advice, tons of threads complaining about things that new players should know but generally don't (!), and tons of threads that compile links to other resources (such as Ollathir's ***Links*** thread, which is the first place I check if I need to know something).

    And if you ask a question, you're far less likely to be completely misinformed by a bunch of people in the forums than by asking the same question in general chat.

    Also- CON is never, ever a dumpstat.

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    recalling my 1st mistakes:
    + playing around the chat box, destroying, creating tabs... that was - still is - a nightmare.
    [suggestion] simplify chat box ui.

    + thinking DDO would be like DnD - but its a video game.
    [suggestion] not much turbine can do. New players will learn.

    + Selling to a npc merchant that Sunblade i pulled from Gwyllan, thinking *sure nice but hey, i'll surely pull another soon*
    [suggestion] color code rare item or mention it somewhere: *Rare*

    + opening a chest while someone was Dc'd/not in instance - made some ppl in the party angry & i didn't know why.
    [suggestion] a newbe alert pop up *not every one in your party is in the instance blabla [Y][N]* (do not show anymore tick box)
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    Just one thing. I, like many other players, went in to this game thinking D&D. This game IS NOT D&D. Character builds that may be broken in D&D 3.5 are useless here.

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    Mistakes I see new players make:

    1) Using two martial or exotic weapons without TWF feats.
    2) Multi-classing without knowing what they are doing, and then complaining later.
    3) Not listening to strategic advice from more knowledgeable players.

    Common "errors" I see from newer players, but ones that have enough experience to have made it to L20.

    1) Making and focusing on one character. Two characters at least are recommended so you can help your guild when one character is on timer as well as offer two character-types (such as a melee and a caster) for guild raiding options.
    2) Picking up raid loot that is Bound to Character with the misconception that it is Bound to Account. I've seen this multiple times in VoN6 at level.
    3) Not admitting to not knowing a quest / raid. If you don't admit to it, we assume you know it, so when you screw up because you didn't know your fellow players get upset and demoralized. If we had known you didn't know we could have explained it to you.

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    Three things I no know that I wish I knew then.......

    1. Building a Rogue to Spot, Search and Disable every trap in the game is alot of fun but pointliess.

    2. Multiclass toons are only good if you have done alot of research, and it really really blows when you make it to 10th lvl and its proven.

    3. Monks are easy to build, fun to play and can hang with the most complicated builds in the game...

    Oh yea..... Out jump this Beioch

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    1. Do not speak any ill of the great and powerful Turbine on the forums, or you will get an infraction.
    2. Do not speak any ill of the great and powerful Turbine's employees, or you will get an infraction.
    3. Do not speak about infractions, or... oh ****.

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    This is a group game, that is not very solo friendly.

    Don't let other players get you down.

    Don't believe everything you hear.

    There is nothing in that locked chest that is worth taking a lvl of Rogue for.

    Other players expect Clerics to heal them.

    Rgrs and Pals can use cure wounds wands at lvl one. Which can be bought from the wand vender in the market.

    Quivers can be bought from the missile weapon vender in the Harbor.

    If you hurt something first, or hurt it more than your friends hurt it, it will chase you. And if you run, if will keep chasing you, and most of your friends lack either ability or knowlege of how to help you. They also really, really, really hate to chase monsters.
    Keep this in mind.

    Half of the players in this game are idiots.

    The other half are mean to anyone they perceive as an idiot.

    Everyone else has been playing a lot longer then you. They have no fear of anything. They run through every quest. They have better weapons then you will ever get. They will always do more damage and have more kills then you.
    they charge into every fight and swing, swing, swing till everything is dead. This type of playstyle requires a lot of HP/Con. If you try to do the same thing they do, be prepared to take a lot of damage and die often. even if you did not use Con as a dump stat, there is still a good chance that you cannot play as agressively as everyone else and survive.

    Read everything carefully.

    Read everything carefully.

    Use the time between groups to explore, talk to NPCs, and read everything carefully.

    Do not retake a quest when you finish it until you are ready to go into it.

    Do not acept a share quest offer unless you are sure it is the quest you are about to enter.

    Never, ever, ever, retake any quest in the Necropolis. (or Red Fens as the devs still haven't figured out how to make a quest chain that everyone can play together.)

    Quests are a lot easier if you have some form of self-healing capability.
    (it can even allow you to survive if you used Con as a dump stat.)

    This game is not stealth friendly. Most players do not have any success trying to use stealth in this game.

    Stealth is very powerful in this game. you just don't know how to use it.

    Just because one monster is trying to kill you , does not mean they all are. (yet) Don't give them any help if you are not ready for it.

    Read the quest objectives in the upper right of your screen. Especially if it says "Failure"!

    Lesser Restore potions can be bought at the potion vendors. These will cure 90% of the nasty things that you woul dlike to have a cleric cure you of. Even if your char is lvl 20.

    Being blinded really sucks! (you can buy pots for that too!)

    Hey! These vendors sell pots for everything!

    Wizards can inscibe spells from scrolls into their spell books. Even spells of higher lvl then they can see in their spell books.

    Some scrolls cannot be bought.

    Try to research which scrolls of the next lvl cannot be bought, so you can choose those spells as you lvl up.

    Firewall scrolls cannot be bought.

    As you lvl up to Wizard lvl 7, take the Wall of fire spell.

    Evasion is the best feat in the game.

    Ranged combat in this game, generally does weak damage.

    Anything in this game that you have not invested heavily in, with stats, ranks, feats, enhancments, and items is generally weak in this game.

    That includes Turning undead.

    The Enhancement system in DDO (that you spend Action Points on) makes this game very different from PnP D&D. It favors pure class chars.

    If in doubt about multi-classing your char: don't.

    Smart players can use Con as a dump stat and not die all the time.

    Many smart players prefer a decent Con on their chars.

    Most players are not smart players.

    You are probably not smarter than most other players.

    Don't believe everything you hear.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jandric View Post
    ..., but I honestly think the solution is to group with less whiny people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talon_Moonshadow View Post
    Half of the players in this game are idiots.

    The other half are mean to anyone they perceive as an idiot.
    And the other half are nice people that will take some time to explain things to you, if you need! The only problem is, they might be tired of pugging because of the first two halves :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinar View Post
    The best possible thing you can do to help newer players would be to find a way to implement the most popular builds of each class into character creation...either as pre-made paths or as guides to customize...maybe a button that says "here are some current popular builds from the community" which links to a few forum posts...

    example: ranger exploiter build
    shade's max dps barb
    typical clonk build
    typical drow sorc
    typical wf sorc
    typical wiz/rogue build


    Of course, someone at turbine would have to actually follow and keep this updated so it is probably too much to ask for...
    My next suggestion would be to add an introductory information based upon the players background. Players who are comming from other MMOs will need a different guide to get up to speed in ddo than players who are comming from fact, players comming from ADnD (2nd ed) will probably need a slightly different guide then those comming from 3.5....

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    1). Don't assume, because you've played D&D for years, that you know all about how things work in DDO.

    2). Pick a simple melee character as your first. Play it through at least 4 levels to learn basic game mechanics, then re-roll using what you've learned. Rinse and repeat. Leave Casters, Healers and specialist characters until you are comfortable with the basics.

    3). DDO is an evolving system. What may be the best possible build today might be woefully inadequate tomorrow. Stay flexible and try new things in builds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarrant View Post
    What three things that you know now would have been helpful to know as a new player?
    1) Absolute biggest one that would have helped me: Items with like bonuses do not stack.

    On my very first char I had much puzzlement over how while wearing 3 or 4 haggle items I could not seem to make the prices go down, and wondering how much haggle bonus I needed to finally see them drop. It made a big difference when I overheard someone explaining on chat to someone else this fact, and it's one of the most common questions I see crop up in Harbor in one variation or another.

    2) Some more details on using the hotbars effectively and what can be put on them, especially: weapon sets, individual spells from spells such as resist energy, special feats and enhancements such as sneak and monk stances.

    3) Where to find spell components.I figured this out myself, by poking around, but I see a lot of questions on this.


    1) For wizards, how to scribe spells. I figured it out myself, but I see that question a lot from new wizards in harbor. Related would be where to find scrolls.

    2) Monks could almost use their own tutorial to explain the whole system of stances, ki moves, and special strikes, and how to perform the chain and not do something that loses the special strike, like open a door. There are a lot of questions on the chat about how to do monk special moves.

    3) Clerics could use a heads up on using the F1-F6 keys for targeting.

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    I gave you 3 to the 3rd power.

    * Armor is important early on. Later, you need to find your survivability through other means.
    * Make a conscious decision at character creation as to what weapon style your character will fight with -- either dual wielding or using a two-hander. A shield is not a viable long-term option unless you are a tank.
    * Bonuses don't stack. The one notable exception is that there are some kinds of AC bonuses that stack, but you have to read carefully to see what *kind* of bonus they are, since you can't double-dip on any single type.
    * Your first character should be a pure character. Don't multi-class unless you have a very clear vision of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and know enough about character creation.
    * Never follow the pre-fab character "paths." Most of them make poor decisions for you at some point, either due to outright bad choices or because they aren't the direction you would go naturally.
    * A "dump stat" is not a stat that you dump all your points into.
    * Read what the bonuses on items -- especially weapons -- do carefully. Some are not as good as they might seem at first, while others may be bland but are still quite solid. Keep in mind that a +3 weapon increases your damage by 3, but also your chance to hit by +3, (which is about 15% more often.)
    * You can quickly switch any equipment by dragging it to your hotbar. To do this with a weapon set, drag both items to one of the green boxes on your inventory screen, and put THAT on your hotbar.
    * There is one button on your primary toolbar that causes the current set to break away and become its own independent tool bar. One of the buttons on the new toolbar causes it to dock with the main bar, while the other turns it vertical.
    * Don't buy anything from the DDO store until you know how hard it is to acquire normally. Purchasing the drow race, for example, is not a terribly good investment of resources.
    * After playing for a couple weeks, paying for a single month of premium (and immediately cancelling) will give you a taste of what all those red chalices in the marketplace are, let you auction more than one thing at a time, and let you start quests on hard immediately.
    * You can repeat quests. As long as you are running a difficulty you have already done, you will take a slight exp hit, but you will receive full exp on a new difficulty no matter how many times it was completed otherwise.
    * Tab targets the nearest enemy. You can configure a key to target all the non-enemy objects in the game. Doing this will let you easily find objects you didn't realize were present, like hidden levers, items on the ground, etc., and also target NPCs.
    * Arcane casters can heal warforged. So can normal divine casters, but at a penalty to the effectiveness.
    * Clerics should expect to heal other players. However, other players should not expect clerics to heal them.
    * Don't listen to everyone that answers questions or makes comments in general chat. A lot of those people are idiots.
    * Oozes will munch on your equipment, but not a Muckbane. Muckbane is a special crystal club that can sometimes be found from an optional boss in the harbor quest Durk's Got a Secret. Run that quest until you get a Muckbane. It will also be useful against rust monsters.
    * Don't worry about having fancy named equipment early in the game, with the exception of Muckbane,
    * Don't hit oozes with piercing damage, including arrows. They split into new oozes.
    * Read quest descriptions. If a quest says it recommends a balanced party, that means the difficulty is elevated. If it says X players required, it means that there is some task that forces you to have that many people at the same time, and you will not be able to solo it. (You might do a two-person quest with a hireling.)
    * Two weapon fighting makes your dual wield combat directly more effective. Two handed fighting improves the incidental damage you do to other enemies surrounding you.
    * Always have a slashing and a blunt weapon early on, for fighting skeletons and zombies.
    * Rapiers are piercing weapons.
    * Don't feel like you have to explore the entire dungeon in meticulous detail. You do get slight bonuses for breaking most of the crates, killing most of the enemies, etc....but it's not worth going well out of your way to break 300 barrels. Especially with the crate-smashing, just getting the first level is good enough.
    * From left to right, the houses go P, D, J, K. (Alpha with P moved to front.) P is the dumpy swamp area, D is the military group that has the weapon vendor, J is the nature-y place with the apothecary, K is the one with the bank and the REALLY annoying free quests.
    * Pinches of Bull Dung can be bought from the apothecary in the harbor, or in the center of the marketplace, or in house J.
    * Don't bother talking to NPCs about quests that show up in red on the map. Their quest is from an adventure pack you don't have.

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    1. Your first self-designed build is likely to be quite bad. Don't worry about it - accept it, learn from your mistakes, ask advice and make build #2 (or 3, or 12) better.
    2. Try not to let yourself be nannyed through quests, ask questions and learn because one day you'll probably need to know why the group did what it did.
    3. A lot of what reads as important isn't. Read up & research before investing in something you might never need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azuarc View Post
    K is the one with the bank and the REALLY annoying free quests.
    Oh wow - yeah - that was a NASTY surprise the first time I tried "Lair of Summoning" at-level, solo, with no previous knowledge of it whatsoever other than it was labeled "Level 5, Solo/Party".

    (And I still refuse to discuss my first foray into "Taming the Flames"... )
    Quote Originally Posted by Ertay View Post
    While they were at it though, the devs decided to go on an incredible nerfhammer rampage and left nothing in their wake standing...

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    1. Several feats have a minimum ability score requirement before counting equipment.
    2. After completing a raid, you do not start your raid timer and cannot rerun the raid until you get your end reward beginning the timer.
    3. Don't rush through the game your first time through. The content will never be new for you again .
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