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    Default Airship Buffs are great and all...

    ...but I'd still like to be able to see when my self-buffs run out.

    Right now I'm a member of The Fallen Knights on Orien. Great guild with a great airship. We've got the biggest ship available with the buffs more or less maxed out. Of course, that's a great thing until you jump into a quest or raid and want to know at a glance if your self-buffs are running out, or worse dispelled. My solution to this would be to keep the current UI the way it is, but put all airship buffs buffs into a single icon with a dropdown menu so you can still check which ones you have if you need to. Something similar could be done with resist and protect from energy, but I don't think those aren't quite as big of a deal.

    One more thing before I'm done. I think something should be done about the 'examine' interface for other PCs. A similar problem to the one above, when you're in brawl trying to pick out someone to fight it's usually impossible to tell the difference between a level 20 sorc from a level 10 barb with a powerful friend lending them buffs; buffs crowd the interface and force the PCs level off the screen. The simplest solution is to put a scroll bar on the interface so that you can see the level and class easily, but still be able to examine their buffs.

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    At higher levels it is entirely possible to run out of space on the buffs bar

    Beside there's plenty of people with hotbars over that space who keep asking for FoM or FR without first looking at the bar to see if they have been given it.

    As for the desc window, not sure but disabling long descriptions on the UI options ought to help.

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    Disabling long descriptions works on buffs when you examine youself (but still you may run out of space there )

    About thread's name: for me (caster) all guild buffs, except kobold's +1 saves, halfing's +10% HP and stats are worthless, even including those that was meant to be for casters only, because they dont stack with anything, while meele's buffs stacks with everything in game :/

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