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    Quote Originally Posted by Nospheratus View Post
    So, anyone that does not speak (US) English is excluded? What's next? Those that don't speak fluent 1337 are excluded?
    People are constantly excluded for not being leet enough. Elitism occurs in many forms.

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    bah! its a game and see few time a pug with french only. Few player know one on my toon (Bufur, Vorkor, Feuille, Marrillon, Tufyr, Astuvue, Tyliad, Margueritte) And know my poor english accent. I'm play since few year and i'm count on 1 hand the number of guy kick me or make me a bad call for my poor engish. I'm know the quest and my job and playing for fun if the leader dont want me beacause my poor english so waht np try 1 other pug

    Only dont forget this game HAVE FUN

    Feuille = Leaf in english

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