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    Default "Supporting Fire"

    1. Improve the damage ranged attackers add to a party
    2. In such a way that the aggro stays on any melee in the party
    3. and in such a way that it doesn't help perching/etc.

    Basic Idea:
    every ranged attack apply 1 charge of a debuff called supporting fire. you'd need to be able to stack several charges so that doublestrikes/multishot etc. still benefit.
    whenever a melee attack hits a mob with said debuff, it does extra damage, and removes one charge.

    obviously, it needs to scale somehow. while based on the ranged attacker's stats would be ideal, technical limitation may mean it needs to be based on the melee's stats.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Syldra View Post
    2. In such a way that the aggro stays on any melee in the party
    There's a more parsimonious and realistic way to do that:
    Creatures apply a range-based multiplier when sorting their aggro lists according to their ability to attack distant targets.

    Basically, creatures with ultra-fast movement or effective spells/arrows will have a 100%, while slow-moving monsters with short reach will have 10% or less. A creature with a 50% (like maybe an ogre) will therefore consider enemies at long range as having done 50% their actual damage when it decides who to attack. This means creatures are less likely to waste their time chasing when another squishy target is in reach. (Note that if you do ranged damage and then walk close to a monster it would quickly switch to you).

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