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    Default multiclassing help!

    I have a lvl 4 fighter that is currently getting his ass kicked soloing. I would really like some self-heal spells or something to help my solo ability. I know if your planning on multiclassing you should plan from the start, but I was wondering if anyone could offer advice without doing that. I was thinking maybe going cleric or pally but i dont know. Also is there any penalty to leveling and changing class every level back and forth? Like say your doing fighter/cleric and just keep alternating between them every level is that bad? Please provide advice. Here are my stats...

    Str = 21 + 5
    Dex = 12 + 1
    Con = 14 + 2
    Int = 8 - 1
    Wis = 11 + 0
    Cha = 8 - 1
    I have 115HP
    Armor class = 20+2

    Fort = +8
    Reflex = +4
    Will = +3

    Sorry if this info is irrelevant or insufficient, I'm total noob.

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    There's no direct penalty for multiclassing, although it can indirectly hurt to take classes in the wrong order(That's part of the reason people say to plan from the start). Given your stats, if you really wanted to multiclass, I would probably suggest two levels of ranger. That would give you several decent feats, both TWF and Bow Strength, and the ability to use cure wands, which are a lot cheaper than potions. While a cleric level would give you a few spells, the wand usage will be your main healing in the long run. Ranger gives you a few more benefits on top of the wands, without sacrificing your combat ability.
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    Cool, ty for the advice I think I will do that. Does that mean I should have done 2 levels ranger first so I now dont have to wait til lvl 18 to avoid penalties right?

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    the planning ahead is the key.
    You could do almost anything. I would suggest since you only level 4 and now have an idea of how things work. Delte the character and start again. This will in the end save you time instead of struggling to make the build work in a way it was not planned for. You have a str baased build. So you need to figure out what you want exactly. Are you splashing the other class (means adding a level or two) or you splitting (something like a 12/6/2 or any other combination).

    My suggestion is look through all the builds here and on ddowiki. There are many different builds. If you splash rogue or monk to level 2 you will get evasion which will mean if you save against a trap or spell (reflex based ones) you will take no damage instead of half. This might be something you will want as solo you will not be able to do traps (even if you add rogue, it is hard for a split/rogue fighter to do any traps).

    I could suggest what to build but I think it is for you to decide which of the builds is the closest to waht you want and then twink it to meet your style.

    Good luck

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    If you enjoy melee...I would restart with either a pally or if you have it a WF FvS

    both heal themselves well. Both also solo well.

    Battle clerics are ok, its just the FvS is a better option.

    The problem with what you have now for a fighter...your Con is too low. Your wisdom is what I call "bad in the middle" meaning you wasted points in it and its not really effecting your saves much.

    For a pally decide if you want 2WF or 2HF. 2HF is easier to make. Make sure you have at least 16 CHA in it, that effects your smites and self heals, and 16 STR with 12-14 CON. You dont need WIS, INT or DEX if going 2HF.

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    Check out Ron's character planner.

    Put in the 4 levels of fighter and then you can go from there all the way to 20. If something doesn't work, it is easier to change on the planner than in the game.

    As a soloist(YES I know it's an MMO), I would say the easiest add to help with self healing is 2 levels of Ranger. It gives access to healing wands that you can get from turning in collectibles. I have plenty of Cure Moderate wands from turning in collectibles that I use.

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