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    Default 3 melee & something builds

    I'm currently leveling up 3 custom melee builds for good playability from level 11 to 20. No Epic. No special equip.

    Build 1: The forceful rogue. A two weapon rogue that has more balanced dps
    12 feats:T, PA, TWF, ITWF, GTWF, OTWF, IC-slash, WF-S, WS-S, SF-UMD, Kopesh, Iron Will.
    Rogue feats: Improved evasion, Crippling strike (or Slippery mind?)
    level 11: fighter4/rogue7 20:fighter7/rogue13
    start stats:16/15/16/12/8/8 Requires a +2dx tome.

    Build 2: The broken barbarian. This barbarian is focused on two handed weapon use. UMD skill has full ranks with trapsmithing close to full ranks. Compared to the 1st build, this one is more focus on punching thru high DR boss targets than max damage on mobs, but still does well against mobs.
    9 feats:T, PA, CLV, THF, ITHF, GTHF, IC-S, SF-UMD, WF-S. Does not have improved evasion, but does have Improved Uncanny Dodge and Trap sense.
    level 11:fighter1/rogue4/barb6 20:fighter1/barbarian12/rogue7
    start stats: 18/8/16/14/8/8

    Build 3: The fuzzy elf. Dual long swords as a monk weapon (at level19 will use dual holy LS) focused on good dps with excellent survivability.
    11 feats: T,DMI,DMII, WF-S, Whirling Steel, TWF, ITWF, GTWF, OTWF, IC-Slash, ExtendSpell Also FOL for monk
    level11:monk3/fighter2/paladin6 20:monk3/fighter2/paladin15
    start stats: (15/15/14/10/9/14) Requires tomes: +2dex and +2cha. Level ups: 4,8,12 in str, 16,20 in cha for Paladin Divine Might III.

    Comments? Suggestions for improvement?
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