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    Default Best option for 28 pointer

    Most consider that pallys are much better off as 32 pointers vs 28 and probably make the greatest difference. Got me to thinking...which class benifits least from those extra 4 stat points.

    My guess would be either barb or fighter.

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    WF sorcerer or WF wizard.

    These are the easiest classes to make highly effective with a 28 point build and no gear.

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    i like the wf wizard,
    however a casting cleric is just as doable.
    max wis, decent con and you're set.
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    Casters, meaning Wizards, Sorcerers and casting-focused Clerics/FvS tend to lose the least from 28 point builds because you only need to focus on two stats: their casting stat and the remainder in Constitution.

    I'd says you're probably also right with Fighters and Barbarians for the same reason. Their main focus will be on Strength and Constitution, and unless they need to up them for a build-specific purpose (Cha for Intimidate, Int for Combat Expertise, Dex for Weapon Finesse or Ranged damage or AC) the other four stats aren't of much, if any, importance.

    Paladins and Monks are easily the most stat-intesive classes, so they obviously gain a lot from those extra build points. Battle Clerics / melee-oriented FvS are in a similar boat.
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    WF Wizard, hands down.

    The caster cleric with only con will have to live with horrible reflex saves, so he'll take a lot more damage from many attacks, but will have the hitpoints to soak it up. The wizard will have the hitpoints, but will also have a stellar reflex save.
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    My first 28pt was a twf barb dwarf with 16 str, dex, and con. dumped the rest. and never missed the 4 pts.

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    Paladins, Rogues, Monks, Favoured Souls, and Rangers generally are the most Stat Starved of the classes. Generally these classes all require a focus on 3 or more stats regardless of the build type. Any other class can usually function just as well as a 32 point build in comparison since they can all be effectively made focusing on just 2 stats.

    Fighters generally only need to worry about Strength and Constitution. Though in my mind, there is generally a good degree of ability lost if Dexterity or Intelligence isn't considerred, you don't need anything beyond Strength and Constitution.

    Barbarians are similiar to Fighters except they generally don't need to worry about Armor Class and focus on Two Handed Fighting. They are indeed the least Stat driven class since it is all about Strength and Constitution to them. There is some importance for say Dexterity if they Two Weapon Fight or want to charge through traps but...

    Wizards and Sorcerers can be fine focusing on Constitution and Charisma/Intelligence. Strength and Dexterity might also be considered if they are considering some extra survivability but it doens't have to be taken.

    Clerics are perhaps a little bit in the middle between needing stats but not really needing them. They can be made to effectively run around with high Constitution and Wisdom and just heal or cast offensive spells, but additionally they might also focus on other stats if they wish to perform as Battle Clerics or make use of their Turns to a greater degree and what not.

    Bards following a similiar story to Clerics since they could just be made with Charisma and Constitution and just support the party, but Warchanters are highly popular.

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    Unless you doing something fancy you wont have problems with stats.

    Typical 2 Hander melee type don't need many points.
    Typical caster speced character don't need many points.
    Rangers aren't so stat intensive coz most stat intensive feats you get for free.

    But paladins / MONKS! / rouges can be stat intensive. and Maxing stat at moment of creation it is rather bad idea.

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