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    Default fighting options

    we need some new feats for combat such as blind fighting

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    I really like the *Idea* of a blind fighting feat for DDO but even if we had one I do not think anyone would actually take or use it.

    Even with a blindfighting feat, you are still.. well, BLIND. All the feat would do is remove the 50% miss chance to hit something when blind, it would not make you able to SEE when "blinded". And the problem when you are blinded inthe game is not your to-hit rolls, it is that big BLACK SCREEN that does not let you see anything, so you do not even really know where the enemy is. Of course if the guy is right in front of you it might help (briefly), but as soon as you can you are going to get blindness removed from you. Otherwise you will just be running into every wall and closed door in the quest. Your party would cure your blindness just so they could keep moving. And you should really have blindness removal pots or an blindness ward item early in your caree anyway, so I do not think a blindfighting feat is needed.

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