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    New Prestige Class: Spellcarved Soldier
    "Fear magic? I am magic."
    -- Graven, spellcarved soldier

    Spellcarved soldier
    Spellcarved soldiers are warforged warriors who engrave magic runes into the plating of their inherently magic bodies, gaining remarkable defensive abilities. Trained and funded by Cyre during the Last War, the spellcarved soldiers were a devastating force on the battlefield -- cutting down forces of ten times their number and striking fear into the living and the warforged alike. With the secrets of their arcane augmentation captured with their fallen on the battlefields, spellcarved soldiers stood in the ranks of nearly every faction in the war before the end.

    In the aftermath of the war, Baron Merrix d'Cannith's failed attempt to turn the scattered spellcarved soldiers into his own private army inspired the creation of a loose federation among these warforged -- propagating their teachings and maintaining some form of discipline among their ranks. With the spellcarved soldiers' combat focus leaving them unsuitable for many peacetime pursuits, most work now as mercenaries, bodyguards, bounty hunters, or elite soldiers in the armies of various nations.

    Becoming a Spellcarved Soldier
    On top of a single level of wizard or artificer, most spellcarved soldiers start out as fighters, paladins, or rangers. Few barbarians become spellcarved soldiers: though the class has no alignment restriction, the discipline required to master the spellcarved soldier path rarely appeals to such chaotic warforged. Spellcasting classes do not gain spell progression as spellcarved soldiers, but spellcarved soldiers with more extensive magical training can enhance the spells and infusions they place on themselves.

    Entry Requirements
    Race: Warforged.
    Base Attack Bonus: +6.
    Skills: Spellcraft 4 ranks.
    Feats: Silver Tracery.
    Spells: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells or imbue 1st-level infusions.

    Table 7-8: The Spellcarved Soldier Hit Die: d10

    SaveSpecial Spellcarved runes,
    Rune of extension
    Rune of resistance
    Rune of fortification
    Rune of the archmage
    Rune of warding

    Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level): Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Ride, Spellcraft, Swim, Use Magic Device.
    Playing a Spellcarved Soldier

    Your training as a spellcarved soldier sets you apart from all other warforged. You have become a member of a brotherhood with a long and distinguished history of service in nearly every army of Khorvaire. Although you might no longer be a member of a standing army, you remain a formidable warrior and consider yourself a soldier.

    Unlike some warforged, you hold your race's martial past in high esteem. Although you enjoy your current lifestyle, you know that war is your true calling. When the trumpets sound on the battlefield, you are sure to be there, ready to lend your strength and even your life to a just cause.
    Spellcarved soldiers are spread across the continent of Khorvaire, working in a variety of martial professions and rarely gathering in groups of more than a dozen. The number of spellcarved soldiers is slowly growing, though, with individual spellcarved imparting their knowledge to warforged whom they deem ready and worthy.

    When a spellcarved soldier meets other warforged, he often declares his affiliation with the federation, including the name of the reforged who took his pledge and inducted him into their ranks. Such an introduction serves to inform other warforged of his honorable outlook and strength, but also tells any other spellcarved soldiers he might encounter that they can gain the aid and protection granted by mutual oath.
    Concealing membership from another member is considered as bad a breach of honor as attacking another spellcarved soldier without a declaration of enmity.

    Spellcarved soldiers rely on magic for much of their martial might. They often travel in the company of artificers or other spellcasters in order to benefit from the magic those companions can cast and create. Spellcarved soldiers who declare enmity often use the day of truce to enhance their forms with magic. As a spellcarved soldier, you prefer to have time to prepare for combat and gain magic that can help you in the coming fight. When you're unable to prepare, it's often best for you to guard spellcasters for a few rounds while they cast magic upon you. You can then take the fight to your enemies with confidence that your magic will not run out or be dispelled before your foes are dealt with.
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