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    Default Random Quest, Party, and Difficulty

    The roguelike dungeon gave me a idea and just wanted to repost this. With some changes. Hopefully it would be considered.

    Make a door that throws you to a randomly selected existing quest up to your level or the leaders level.

    The only hard coding they would have to contend with is making sure the whole party can do the quest or just keep it to Free to play quests only. Or the only way a Free to Play player can enter a Pay to Play area (without paying) in this way if it did land up in a Pay to Play quest.

    The random door can land you in a random party in a random quest with a random difficultly level.

    Lets say if you are level 15 and enter this door (you could choose the difficulty and if you wanted a random party) of the quest but would not know nothing more including quest name and when you go inside you could land up in heyton's quest (in korthos) or the wizard king (in the demon sands).
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    Are you high, or just new??

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    The latter, at least.
    The former is a valid question, though.

    And really, a lot of pugs are a random party anyway. Sure, you may have the classes' "roles" seemingly filled, but you won't know until you get in the quest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p0werslave View Post
    Are you high, or just new??
    i dont really think that it is a bad idea. but it would be kind of pointless work for developers.

    what is there that is so bad about this that makes you want to ask if he are high? that's really just uncalled for.

    to the op: if you really want to try this jut write down the name of every quest on a piece of paper and put them in a hat. it wont be exactly the same but it would be random.
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    This suggestion was funny.
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    Doesn't wow have something like this? I swear my buddy said they have something like this. If you're DPS, you'll wait forever, but healers join and the instance starts immediately or some such.

    And honestly, as a cleric I almost never pug anyway. Even when you can see who you're getting in with its dicey unless you know the people in group. If it's totally random, forget that.

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    Hm... I could actually see this being interesting and fun if some mods were made to it.

    For those of you that said "no", I understand where you're coming from; my suggestion would be to do away with randomly being put into a party. Really, I'm not sure that'd turn out too well (who knows it you'd be in a party of pikers, or if half the people were AFK from waiting in the queue?).

    But think about this; this is somewhat like what Invaders! was, in a way. This may not necessarily be what the OP had in mind, but imagine this;

    The party starts out in a room of 6 portals (somewhat akin to SoS); going into a portal "brings up a past experience", and takes you to a quest. But the quest isn't what you think it is; it matches the quest level.

    The quest itself would choose 6 seperate quests like this (all preprogrammed, of course) out of a pool of, say, 30, that you'd have to run (probably all having end bosses). You are intended to do 3 of them, but can finish the rest for extra exp.

    Imagine this being a level 18 quest; you select a portal, it takes you to the Cannith Crystal, with mobs as hard as the dreaming dark quest (and warded appropriately). The next portal you're put into sends you into Sacrifices, with an end boss of something difficult like an uber dream render, or some such. Your final portal could change it up and send you into the Lair of Summoning. Then you'd have the option of doing Maze of Madness, Delera's Part 1, and/or Rest for the Restless.

    I think if it was done this way, yeah, it'd be reusing the same old quests, but I think it might breathe life into old quests. Also, the devs then wouldn't have to necessarily -make- new content, just put new monsters in the quests; theorhetically an easy addition.
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