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    Here’s a good newbie story of my dungeon dwelling. I’ve seen some posts by experienced player who may at times be frustrated with newer players who don’t get things quite right. I’m here to say, I can get frustrated at myself all the same. Ultimately, I guess if you don’t get it right, you might as well laugh at yourself, especially if you have nobody else to blame.

    So here goes.

    I’m a 7th level Cleric. I go into a dungeon called “Caverns of Korromar”. The entry way says something to the effect it’s rather difficult and 8th level. I figure I’ll go on in, but decide to sandbag it and hit “Casual”. I usually don’t, but was in no mood for anything ultra-challenging at the time. I also decide to take help, so I summon a 7th level wizard.

    I cruise through most of the dungeon. It’s pretty long. I manage to get through everything, fill out all the optionals, and get to the end battle. I walk in and there’s a Beholder. I’m not well prepared for this nor have I read up lately on their powers, etc. I engage it using melee and trying to stay behind it. There are several zombies around but I decide to get this guy dead and leave the wizard dealing with the zombies. I’m working the beholder down, doing well and realize the wizard is low on HP. I decide to heal him. I hit “F2”, which puts my focus on him. I then go to hit the number 4, where I have my 4th level emergency cure spell ready to go (with empower healing running already).

    Here’s the newbie part.

    I hit number 3 instead of 4 and cast Divine Favor on myself (which was already running, by the way). The wizard dies. There are two zombies left. I hurry up and kill them. My hit points are now getting low. I go to heal myself. I die.

    Great, nice job Hoglum.

    I resurrect on the other side of the planet since, in my genius state of newbie, I didn’t update to a good spirit doctor close to the dungeon. I drink my grapejuice, heal, and make a run for it. I make it back into the dungeon in time. The wizard contract is spent since I was so long in the dungeon (I think the only other dungeon I spent that much time in was Gwylan’s Last Stand). I run back to the beholder. I hit him with one Holy Smite and he dies. 1500 experience points lost as I leave the dungeon. One single hit left to kill this guy!

    Any other brilliant plays out there anyone wants to admit? I’d love to hear.

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    Any other brilliant plays out there anyone wants to admit? I’d love to hear.
    My brother and I attempted (and completed) Gianthold Tor. He's a fighter, I'm a monk, and we both had cleric hirelings. Two words: black dragon. Acid-filled floor, lack of twitch ability, and just not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into led to an interesting fight.
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    a ‘tank’ build that can’t hurt anything is about as useful as a blow-up doll with no holes.
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    Play the character the way you like and don't worry about what the math gamers say; you won't be in the top cell of the DPS spreadsheet, but you probably don't play DDO in Excel.

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