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    Default So If The Guild Leader Is No Longer Playing...

    Once upon a time, there was a little guild that had a few players in it. It functioned as a static group, meeting for a few hours on Sundays. But the Leader of the guild decided to do other things, and he hasn't been on in weeks. His last contact with anyone was to basically say "I found other things to do, so I may be back, but don't count on it". There is a Successor to the Leader, but we can't seem to actually remove the Leader from his position so the Successor can take over.

    Any way we can accomplish this, short of all officers/members quitting the guild and starting over?

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    i don't know what the timer is, but eventually the successor should be able to take the role of leader. Maybe you just have to wait a bit.

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    Hey at least you HAVE a successor named...our leader didn't name one, and just stopped logging in about a month and a half successor, no leader, and I've more or less levelled the whole guild up to rank 16 all by myself.

    All that effort is basically wasted because someoen just took off and left me hanging with no way to promote anyone or edit the guild settings.

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    The Successor should have an option to Usurp the leader after a few weeks of idle.

    Ensure your guild has a successor named, not matter how big or small.

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