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    Default The Corleone Family guild is recruiting now

    The Corleone Family guild is named after the most powerfull of the five mob familys from new york in the move The Godfater. The guild website has a little bit of a mob them and we have a loose mob theme in the guild it'self. What this guild is mostly about is people who are easy to get along with easily finding other people who are easy to get along with to group with. We are on the Sarlona Server.

    We focus a lot on helping each other with advice, groups, and sometimes money or items. I have been known to give these things to members who are active in the guild. Others help each other also. I have been in other guilds and my experience with a few of them (not all) is that guilds can have people in it who don't really care about helping anyone or dealing with new players at all. They just want to keep grouping with whoever and they want you to learn the game yourself. I created this guild so that I could be in the kind of helpful good natured guild I wanted, and others could have the same opportunity.

    The guild is by no means as technologically adept as other guilds. We don't have VENT. The guild website is not completely done, but I work on it when I can. It's a free forum and probably doesn't look as cool as other guilds. So if the "flash" is what your looking for, you can stop reading now. Our edge over other guilds is the environment of the guild and the way we help people. Whether you been playing sense the beginning, or you started today. You can check out the guild site here:


    You must speak, read, and write English well enough for us to understand you.

    Need to have a positive attitude.

    How to join

    You can message Sadbuttrue which I am on most of the time, Leftytwoguns, or log onto the guild site and apply there. The fastest way of coarse is to send Sadbuttrue a tell and if I'm not on at the moment, send me a mail. You can also ask anyone in the guild you see running around and if an officer is on at the moment we will get you on board.
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