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    Default How to be a GIMP

    Yes, you read that right, this post is for those who actually want to be a GIMP. In this case, GIMP stands for Get Into Multiclass Project. It's an idea originally proposed here on the US forums, taken over to the European CM forums, and come back. My guild has had a group of people playing GIMP characters for the last 6 months now, and it has been tremendous fun.

    First, the rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by THE RULES
    A GIMP is a character of a randomly chosen race, with three randomly chosen classes, who randomly chooses one of his three classes to advance upon leveling. GIMPs are generally ill-equipped. You'll find no twinks here!

    Character creation

    Players will need to make official rolls. An official roll is a die roll made with 2 guild witnesses.

    First step is to select the race, by rolling 1D6:
    1- WF
    2- Human
    3- Dwarf
    4- Halfling
    5- Elf
    6- Drow

    Then, a players rolls for classes. He rolls on 1d10 (if you want to try for FVS, roll a 1d12 instead and ignore the 12) until he gets 3 different classes that are compatible. Remember, (Monk + Paladin) and (Bard + Barb) are exclusive because of alignments. Once a class is rolled, it cannot be rejected unless it is excluded by a prior class.

    1- Paladin
    2- Monk
    3- Fighter
    4- Cleric
    5- Rogue
    6- Ranger
    7- Wizard
    8- Sorc
    9- Bard
    10- Barbarian
    11 -Favoured Soul

    Then, the player creates his character (using the standard 28 point buy). Upon level 3, he must have 1 level of each class.


    At level 4, and for all future levels, the class is chosen randomly. So the player make an official roll (2 witness) on 1d3 to select what class he will be leveling up.

    Fent makes a GIMP. He rolls 4 on a D6. He is a Halfling. Then he rolls an 8 on a D10, he is a sorc. Then he rolls a 1, he is a Paladin. He next rolled a 10, barbarian, but he can't be a barbarian since he is already a paladin. So he rolls again and gets a 8. No good, he is already sorcerer. He finally rolls a 5, rogue, so Fent will be a Halfling Sorc/Paladin/Rogue

    He decides to start at level 1 as a rogue for the skill points. Then, at level 2, he goes Paladin, and picks sorcerer at level 3.

    At level 4, he makes an official roll on a D3, telling his mates that 1 = rog, 2= pal, 3 = sorc. He rolls a 3. Fent will thus level up sorcerer at lvl 4 and become a Rogue 1/Paladin 1/Sorcerer 2

    wait wait wait wait
    That means we can't plan anything ahead!


    Gimp multiclassing means nothing if you dual wield vorpals, so the loot is also very restricted:

    - A GIMP can only use what he gets in the chests, or as end rewards. He can also use the money he gets to buy from regular merchants (pots, scrolls, wands).
    - A GIMP cannot, ever, use the brokers or the auction house.
    - A GIMP can pass an item in the chest to a fellow party GIMP.
    - A GIMP can give an item he recieved as an end reward to a party member, if done immediately after the quest. Once the group disband, or once a new quest is selected, the trade cannot happen. This way, after a quest, a group of GIMPs can all banter together as they select end-rewards.
    - A GIMP cannot receive any items from another source.
    - The only exception is, at ONE time, a gimp can receive, ONCE, a collapsed portable hole and the 10k needed to activate it. Backpack space is quality of life, and has nothing to do with character performance.
    - A gimp can also receive large collectible, gem and ingredient bags, as these are also QoL issues.
    - A fellow party member can, before, during, or after a quest, give potions, wands and arrows, to a fellow member.

    Other Rules

    - GIMPs can only group with GIMPs
    - GIMPs can use hirelings
    - GIMPs can use any lame, cheesy, strategy, like safe spots, etc..., because, after all, they are gimps, and will need all the help they can get.

    So 6 months ago, myself and a group of like-minded players within my guild set aside one night a week as GIMP night, rolled up our GIMPs, and began the journey. The first thing we noticed is that it was just plain fun! We had silly names. We talked about how many party wipes we would have. We talked about how flat out bad our class mixes were. And most of all we wondered, "Just how terribly bad are we?"

    Since our humble beginnings, we've learned a lot. For one thing, being a GIMP stretches your creativity. How do you make a rogue/bard/wizard mix work (not easy, trust me )? How can you get the maximum performance out of a random pile of classes and races? How do you set your stats at creation, when you have no idea what your levels will be 10 levels down the road?

    We've learned to appreciate things that many of us never had reason to take notice of before. Wands become invaluable. UMD becomes worth much less (everyone it seems has 1 level of a caster class). Every chest is important, since that's the only way you can upgrade your equipment. That +2 Lightning Guard Leather Armor? Yeah, totally worth it, even if it looks like you're wearing a piece of garbage.

    At the lower levels, we found that there's not much to distinguish the characters. A ranger/wizard/barbarian isn't that much different than a paladin/sorcerer/rogue. But as we've gained levels (some of us are 10th level now), the distinctions begin to appear. That ranger/wizard/barbarian may now be a Ranger 2/Wizard 5/Barbarian 2, which is very different than a Paladin 4/Sorcerer 1/Rogue 4.

    We've learned that teamwork will get you far in this game, even if you're a GIMP. We frequently shortman quests at or even under level. Elite runs are common. The number of quests that were left unfinished can be counted on one hand. And it's surprising how effective 6 GIMPs flailing wildly can be.

    We've learned that death is fickle. Many, many quests finish with zero deaths. Of course, every now and then you find the quest that you were completely unprepared for. The Sharn quest with 5 re-entries. The Catacombs quest with 20 deaths in the shrine room. And we've learned that it's fun to fail, sometimes. But then there are the times where everyone pulls together, and you prevail against the greatest of odds, like the at-level run of the Pit, without any permanent FF items (no twinking, remember) and only a level 2 caster and a couple clickies in the group.

    We've learned that some of the most annoying things in the game become funny when they happen to GIMPs, like the multiple blind party invites (GIMPS can only group with GIMPs, but it is tempting to teach them a lesson by accepting). Or the times where someone begins ridiculing your "build" in general chat, and three or four others jump to its defense and try to explain how uber it is

    But above all, we've learned that this game is fun, and is meant to be enjoyed. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to play the game. Playing a GIMP has brought some new excitement to the game for me. Our group is very close to running Tempest Spine, and I'm eager to see how we do. Will our motley crew be victorious, or be thrown mercilessly from the heights and sent limping back to Stormreach? Just how far can we go? It's one thing to beat Durk's Got a Secret with a random group, it's another to beat Stealer of Souls. I imagine that at some time we'll reach a point where we just can't go any further with any measure of success, but who knows? We certainly haven't reached it yet, and I'm curious to see just how far I can go.

    If being a GIMP sounds like fun to you, I urge you to give it a try. It's been tremendous fun for me and my guild, and I don't regret a single moment spent being a GIMP.

    ~ Wimpypoo Sirgimpsalot,
    Halfing Bard 3/Rogue 1/Wizard 3
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    This is absurd, and yet awesome. I am intrigued, and may have to try it.

    Mostly I'm curious to see if my GIMP is more, or less, gimped than the first character I rolled.


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    .... looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
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    Very interesting.
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    It is certainly fun...At least it was a year ago when this idea originally surfaced...I tried to dig up the old threads but couldn't find any

    The reason it died back then is because of the rules about grouping with other gimps...after level 3-4 there weren't any people to group with anymore. Plus mod 9 and F2P finally came out at which point players were either no longer bored with the game or were so fed up that they quit.

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    oh how brilliant!


    i need to make another mule.... i can get a GIMP to level 6... maybe... except those rules... lol... we'll see... wonder if i can find anyone else to GIMP with?
    ~Thelanis ~ Khyber ~

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    That is awesome! +1 rep for a good suggestion on how to keep the game lively

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    **Cross fingers not to roll Wizard/Sorcerer/Bard
    A paladin joins a pug run. Once in quest a Halfling summons an Iron defender, starts spewing grease all over the paladin’s feet/Paladin falls.

    Paladin says “WHAT THE F***! THAT DOES NOT HELP!!" The Halfling reply’s "Sure it does, gives me a laugh every time.”
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    I tried it using the WOTC dice roller, and got a dwarf ranger/bard/wizard. It could be worse, I guess.

    It would be hard to use only 28 point though. Is the 28 point build mandatory? I wouldn't know if you can even choose 28 pointers if you have qualified for 32.
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    I have to agree that this concept has rocked my world.

    Dice rolls would have to be verified to the guild, however. Using something like the EvilDM dice server which spams the results is a must.

    Also, you should add one rule:

    All gimps must purchase and wear one of those goofy straw hats at all times. Must be neon green or hot purple.

    2 cents

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    Sounds like a fun way to play...

    Any GIMP guilds/groups forming for Mornings Mon-Fri 7am-10am EST?
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    looks fun...but I stand guildless right now so I'm technically screwed

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    Looks like great fun!

    Using the WoTC dice roller I came up with a Warforged Barbarian/Sorcerer/Ranger and having worked out starting stats they would look like this:

    Str 15
    Dex 14
    Con 16
    Int 8
    Wis 12
    Cha 12

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    its not GIMP till you roll starting stats
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    My GIMP character, Buckethandle (Bard 4/Fighter 4/Wizard 1), rolls with Wimpypoo in Team FacePlant. We have a bit less trouble with the grouping rule as we are also members of The Mature Adventurers Club and Team FacePlant is an off-shoot guild of MAC (current guidelines limit our TFP membership to MAC members). So we have a bit of a larger pool from which to draw.

    Even then, our numbers are not terribly high. At first, we had a huge number of MAC members joining in for our scheduled weekly GIMP runs. We were forming up into three or four full parties (all randomly chosen, of course). After a while, the newness of it wore off and the numbers have since thinned down a bit.

    The last few weeks, a consistent group of our higher-level GIMPS (lvls 8-10 at the moment) have made it for the weekly run. This last Wednesday night, five of us (1 @ lvl 8, 1 @ lvl 9, 3 @ lvl 10) took on Tear of Dhakan on Elite. We were unable to complete two of the optionals (WIS and INT runes are 22 on elite - I've been in PUGS where we couldn't get these runes with proper builds, so we didn't feel badly about that), but we did take out the golem (maybe two adamantine weapons in the whole group?) and we completed with only 13 deaths. We were all quite proud of ourselves!

    Due to some recent changes in my familial life (I'm now a father), my DDO time is severely limited. But I've decided to spend half of my precious time continuing with Buckethandle in Team FacePlant. Playing my GIMP toon challenges me to think outside the box. I have to play to my character's strengths and be aware of his weaknesses. Limited to medium armor (if I want to cast any spells) and having no evasion or fortification of any kind, I don't do terribly well going nose-to-nose, even with the 4 levels of fighter. I am, however, getting really good at healing, buffing, and crowd control. (Healing is easy with CSW wands - about the only thing I can spent my plat on; the other night I bought six from the House of Wizardry and still had 12K plat to my name.).

    What I really enjoy about playing my TFP toon is that I'm not worrying about gimping my build and making him useless for end-game. I'm not worried about power leveling. I'm not trolling the AH every day for that one Great Axe I need.

    Instead, we have developed greater friendships within our guild. We communicate and work better as a team. We share loot and make sure everyone gets what they need from the chest. We strategize. We wand-whip the **** out of each other with eternal wands of healing. And we laugh. We laugh more in our TFP groups than I ever see in a PUG party (even more than some of the guild parties I'm in). We cherish our victories, often times posing for a screen shot at the point of conquest (the large throne at the end of Tear, for example) and we laugh at our complete party wipes.

    As Wimpy said, it is quite funny to hear people talk about how other players on Khyber interact with our GIMP toons. I've been the recipient of four blind party invites, myself. Who on earth would send a blind invite to a Bard 4/Fighter 4/Wizard 1 named Buckethandle??

    We have a new insurgence of TFP members who are currently around levels 4-6. Hopefully many of them will stick with it to our level, so we can give VON and TS a try. Before that, the smaller group of higher level toons plans on farming Orchard for taps, which should get us to level 11 in short order while providing us all with Minos Helms for the heavy fort.

    And when Team FacePlant gets to the point where we can all don our protective helmets... mobs of Khyber beware!

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    This is so bizarre and insane.... I just have to try it.
    This would add a whole new perspective on playing the game.
    Quick! Someone form a GIMP guild naaaaoooooowwwww

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    This sounds like a ton of fun. What server are you on?

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    I must try this.

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    O.o got to try it out.

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    A couple of questions...

    1. What server is this? [edited: Looks like Khyber from a post above]
    2. Do you have a guild? "GIMPS Untie" would rock! <--- note the dyslexic part is intentional
    3. Are you accepting new GIMPs into your guild?

    This seems like a good way to add some fun back into DDO on those off days where rerunning your 18th twinked alt through korthos/harbor favor runs just is not cutting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mournbladereigns View Post
    Actually, if this Nerf's one of Shade's barb's I doubly support this!

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