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    Default Dungeon Alert and Suggestion

    I've recently started using Mass Suggest a lot more, and today, I ran through Feast or Famine just tossing Mass Suggest liberally. Which worked awesomely, except that the Dungeon Alert quickly ramped up to Red. What tips can you give me concerning Mass Suggest?


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    Nothing really, when you mass suggested half the dungeon, they became your teammates and began to recklessly attack anyone who wasn't suggested. Hence the Red Alert (high visibility). The spell worked as it was supposed to, but your use of it was a bit reckless, because you didn't clear out rooms or areas first before moving on.
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    Lightbulb similar jungle experience...

    Died, recalled, and figured I knew the3 way so, press R and forget about it...
    Turned and 7-8 jaguars were looking and pawing at me, this rush rush for buffs, spells and what not... from time to time will surprise, I survived thanks to hireling that time: the pile of cats really made me want a new coat, rug and cumfy black chair

    respawn or resset try new things die hard or go home n relax

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