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    Default Birthing of a Sin 1

    Dark vines and knotted roots enveloped broad stone steps leading to a tower.
    The jungle's night was dry yet an ominous sentiment was in the air.

    The tower's upper tiers were free of flora, and light could be seen exiting the roof of the structure.

    The uppermost floor was a stellar observatory and was open to the heavens and to the peering eyes of the gods...

    ...ands the gods averted their sight to the horrors below.

    A tall thin man orchestrated a macarbe operation taking place in the pillared circular room. Several strange beasts covered in course black hair loped around the room on three of their four muscular limbs. The man wore his midnight shaded hair long, with a beard of similar proportions. A few streaks of grey in his long beard betrayed his age despite the youthfullness that now burned in his eyes.

    "You have brought me the items I require to make life?"

    An indescernable grunt was made by one of the black beasts with the bearded man nodding his head as though he understood.

    A dark hand, a hand that could engulf the entire skull of the man in its palm struck out and offerred an object.

    There in the gnarled weathed hand of the creature was was a tiny diamond edge blade.

    "The Healer's Knife! This will be of paramount importance when I must end one being's life to create another!" The man, a scholar judging by his vestments, appeared to grow in size as a perverse sense of pride filled his narrow chest and raised his shoulders.

    "Ah yes, this blade will cut through most hides, and it will allow me to remove needless bits of flesh. I will be as of the gods with this! A life creator! I will be on the very par of Mother Earth herself!"

    Another being galloped in a lop-sided gait towards the man in the center of the room. Its clumbsy trajectory was caused by what appeared to be an appendage that was a mere stump rather than any foot or paw. This stump dragged across the man's violet clothing causing the robed scholar to jerk his vestments out from under the creatures crippled limb.

    "Fool! Give me the vial before you do me harm as you have done yourself!"
    The man's small hand darted out and snatched a vial with a green, bubbling liquid in it.
    The creature unuse to such disrespect snarled and revealed tusk like protrudements from its mouth, but relinguished any thought of using them knowing full well that the man before him was both father and god to him.

    "Now! Now! I will have the means to not only slice the flesh but BIND it now with other flesh! I have the Acid of the Chimera
    !" He held it up to the night sky, and as he did the light of several distant stas shown through the container and its contents.

    "With but a few more ingredients I may begin to be the creator I always dreamed I would be! My children will be great and beatiful, strong as heroes with great health. My name will be sung from realm to realm, and will be kept in the very company of Prometheus himself."

    "Nothing could possibly thwart me at this junciton!"
    The once wizened man, now mad with some great venture placed both the vial and small blade onto a wooden bench along side some books, scrolls, and antatomical sketches on velum sheets.

    Clasping his hands behind him he strode away to his small simple beddings, quite pleased with himself.

    On the bench sat the Acid of the Chimera, the very bile of the dreaded beast itself was contained here, but where the starlight had struck the bottle earlier; there was now a small glow as though one had captured several glowing insects.

    To be continued...
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    Default update

    Story Update
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