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    Default Several Server Firsts from Bril of Over Raided

    Several server firsts from Bril of Over Raided. From the Over Raided forums.


    Howdy folks,

    This week has been productive on many levels. Over Raided reached its goal of becoming the first guild to L50 across all of DDO, which is especially astonishing given how tiny our roster is. For me, I've also reached a personal milestone of being the first player to reach 1000 raid completions on the Orien server. For those interested, the completion tally goes:

    Characters (including all TRs):
    Bril: 277
    Vixa: 269
    Glum: 235
    Risc: 178
    Misd: 41

    Raids (including epics):
    Shroud: 231
    Reaver's: 222
    DQ: 159
    Hound: 107
    Tower: 75
    Velah: 74
    VoD: 73
    Abbot: 59

    So aside from all that grinding with guild levels and raid completions, let's talk about actually playing the game.

    Bril: Solo VoD on hard
    There is something terrible happening with this guild. People are no longer content to solo elite Reaver's and elite DQ; instead, we've got a number of you soloing VoD nowadays, just for fun. And even though I'm among the guilty parties here, I am still outraged, outraged by your lack of decorum when you treat high-level devil raid bosses as if they were lowly giants or mariliths. They're to be properly feared and respected as formidable opponents, not to be brazenly debuffed and kicked around like toys! (Shaddup arcanes, I hear you snickering over there with your stupid nerf bat even though raid bosses used to be a little challenging.) Because of this intolerable behavior on your part, Bril has been forced to raise the bar and engage Suulomades in a more properly reverent way: on hard.

    Bril is a typical evocation-focus nuker FvS with a single wizard past life. As my main character I've soloed him through pretty much everything already, but sometimes he gets a bit neglected with all the other toons competing for attention. Here then is a chance to dust him off and prove that he's still got what it takes to push the boundaries a little further.

    See the blue hexagon above Suulo's head? That's a quarter-million HP's worth of evasion on hard. So much fun.

    It's a much longer and harder fight on hard than on normal, but in the end Suulo can't dodge them all.

    A well-earned Legendary! Too bad lowbies also pull it out of Tangleroot and Ataraxia. Turbine, please limit Legendaries to L16+ only.

    Misd: Solo VoD as arcane archer
    Yes yes I know, this guild used to have standards before we started letting in an arcane archer of all things. But whereas other AAs solo quests methodically with an eye to aggro management, Misd wings her way through all the mobs while ignoring dungeon alert, turns around to IPS-manyshot once she's gathered a nice pack, then keeps on winging toward the next quest objective: she's the flying zerg AA. And whereas other AAs spend most of their time during raids as second-rate melees, Misd has already raid-healed elite Shroud, elite Tower, and epic Velah -- and can still throw out burst DPS with the best of them, as you've seen in epic DQ with her opening salvos to knock Lailat off her starting island, and also with her kill steals on Lailat at the end. But you guys still call her a gimpy pew-pewer?! Fine then, you're going to make me go and add her to our solo VoD club.

    Misd is the latest addition to the Bril Industries (TM) family of fine products. She is a full arcane archer with slayer arrows, bow strength, manyshot, IPS, and str-based THF melee w/ PA. Plus, she's been known to heal (occasionally) when she's assigned a healing role. (If she hasn't been assigned to heal you specifically though, good luck.) With wings, blade barrier, evasion, and a ridiculous SP pool when used for self-healing, she is also The Most Annoying Kiter In The World (TM). At less than two months since her creation, Misd is still significantly underequipped: no ToD rings for exceptional stats or set bonuses, no second Shroud accessory, no eSoS, no +3 tomes at all, and boatloads of other missing items. Still, she's willing to take on Suulomades even while half-equipped to prove that she can keep up with this guild.

    Yet another clean getaway as Suulo swats only empty air and a trail of floating feathers.

    *pew* *pew* wing *pew* *pew* wing *pew* *pew* wing [hits hotkey] *pew-pew-pew-pew pew-pew-pew-pew...*

    Unless someone else is capable and crazy enough to kite Suulo for so long, this will be the only solo AA VoD ever.

    So in conclusion, I-
    Hey! Quit your piking and get back to work! WHY AREN'T WE AT L100 YET YOU SLACKERS?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanshilar View Post
    Hey! Quit your piking and get back to work! WHY AREN'T WE AT L100 YET YOU SLACKERS?!
    aaaaaaaand lol
    orien too lazy to update chars
    Quote Originally Posted by porq
    tells you, 'is it so hard to type kila[a-f]?'
    yes yes it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    Um, I'm almost afraid to ask, but exactly just what is 'sneak humping'?

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    Default What a screen shot...

    Ok, just gotta say, epic screenshot, slayer arrow tick on the DPS displays and a lightning strike on the graphical display. Now there was a nice bit o' DPS :P
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    Nice work there mate.

    Always fun to see some people who do the extra - but with all those raid completions i think u need to get a job instead
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    Nice job Bril, nice to see you're still going the extra mile

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    That's a lot of titans

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