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    Default Repeater Rogues UNITE!!!

    Repeater Rogues
    We have only become stronger since Mod 1.0 and launch. So here is a little flashback, of how it all began for me:

    First few weeks of questing. I bet that is a +1 light repeater (uber!) I have equipped. Those repair wands on my hotbar, iirc there is no WF in the party. (shrug) In Walk the Butcher's Path with my Homies. Yes, that is my real hit points.

    Yes, those are the same party members. Still hanging with my Homies. I find the first weak chain in the repeater rogue armor, weak saves. Sleep spell gets the best of us in The Swiped Signet.

    Graduating to Von 6. I can still recall 1/2 a dozen times being the last alive. Rezzing the cleric, avoiding the wipe. (remember, at one time there was no "safe spot" that player new of) Stay on the bridge, wait till all are dead, pray your reflex save is high enough and do it all over again. I'm wearing +1 Leather Armor of Greater Fire Resistance. Plane of Night.

    Practice makes perfect. To be a repeater rogue, one must see Stormreach in 3 dimensions. Out above the desert sands, currently near the entrance to DQ1. I'm wearing +5 mith chain shirt and I'm sexy!

    Being a repeater rogue meant thinking outside the box. The art of 'original' Beholder Cookies, and the ability to turn something bad into something good. On one of the pillars in The Circle of Eternity. IIRC, I'm currently lvl 12. Yes, that is my real hit points.

    Being a repeater rogue means winning, no matter the cost, no matter the odds, no matter what. If you have run 100 shrouds, odds are you have been in one with serious lag spikes leaving much of the party dead in part 4. There are groups that call for the ddoor, throwing in the towel early, and then there is AtD. IIRC, we had 5 players alive, with no divine left. Rinket and I ended up the last 2 standing, him and I went a few rounds with Harry, the gnolls and devils, before we were victorious! I'm level 16, yes that is a Lightning II light repeating Xbow. Yes, that is my real hit points.

    So there it is. The first few years of Bunker of Tharashk (Bunkerious of Thelanis post merge), later deleted and now reborn as Bunks of Thelanis. I took my monk, Oversized and chose to TR him into my original repeater build. New and improved, with much to prove. Sure, I may not be the quickest to succeed, but will succeed none the less.

    The Mission
    I'm here to support the repeater rogues of Thelanis, as well as all other servers, the best I can. I will provide answers, ideas, gear(or at least how to obtain gear), as well as take in as much as I dish out. I'm here to support all repeater using rogues, as well as accept all knowledge that will increase th strength of my own repeater rogue Bunks.

    I quest on Thelanis. If you are a Repeater Rogue on Thelanis, send me an in game mail to say "HI". I will add you to my friends list.

    I also invite you to post your repeater builds here. I will be posting mine along with my equipment setups and thoughts about TRs and possible adjustments and changes.

    I foresee repeater raids in the future. I would be happy to lead or simply be one of the 12 that succeeds in any and all raids currently available in game. If you have other fun challenges and ideas that would be exciting and fun for a repeater rogue, post those as well.

    My name is Bunks,
    I use a repeater,
    and Yes, that is my real hit points.
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