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    Quote Originally Posted by Failedlegend View Post
    Why 10 Str/Wis and Why 14 Cha?

    Repeater Rogue are Dex/Int builds...just be sure to have 12-14 in Con
    I hate having any negative stats so I make the min 10 for stats that I deem not as important. The chr was increased for UMD and the other stats where all stopped when they began to cost. I just noticed too that these number are incorrect and should be as follows:

    Str - 10
    Dex - 15
    Con - 15
    Int - 15
    Wis - 10
    Chr - 12

    These are what I had on paper and in the build but for some reason it didn't show up properly. At the moment Azgran is a 28 point build. I am going to greater TR him to get him to a 32 point build and this is what I am building him as. He is my oldest char. I made him when the game first came out and just recently dusted him off to play him again. lol
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