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    Default *Bits and Bobs*

    Over time ive built up quite a collection on my bank character, so i thought id put them up on the forums and see if any of you are interested, Just send me a private message or feel free to post on the forum thread itself! Thanks!

    Also my ingame characters are any of the following: Crumble / Xym / Gysmo

    Weapons & Useful Gear

    Boss Beaters:

    +5 Holy Scimitar of Greater Evil Outsider Bane [A Very Special Scimitar]
    +1 Holyburst Silver Khopesh of Slowburst [A Very Special Khopesh]

    +2 Metalline Heavy Mace Pure Good [ML:8]
    +5 Metalline Composite Longbow of Pure Good [ML:14]
    +3 Metalline Composite Shortbow of Pure Good [ML:10]
    +1 Metalline sickle of Pure Good [ML:4]

    Useful Weapons

    +1 Anarchic Khopesh of Pure Good [ML:4]
    +3 Anarchic khopesh of Pure Good [ML:10]
    +5 Anarchic Burst Rapier Pure Good [ML:14]
    +4 Ghost Touch Khopesh Pure Good [ML:10]
    +5 Ghost Touch Shortsword Pure Good [ML:12]
    +5 Ghost Touch Greataxe of Pure Good [ML:12]

    Minimum Level 13 Items

    +6 Strength Belt x2
    +6 Wisdom Helm
    +6 Intellect Goggles x2
    +6 Intellect Helm
    +6 Charisma Helm
    +5 Protection Cloak

    Useful Named Items

    Backstabber gloves (+10 bluff +2 SAB) ML 11
    Crystaline Scepter (Greater combustion VII, Evo Focus +1) ML 12
    Dusk Heart
    Pearl of Power X (+100 SpellPoints, doubled for sorc/FvS) x2
    Brooch of shielding (50 Spell absorbtion)

    Cookies and Cakes

    Xoriat, Realm of madness jelly cake x200 (Ottos Sphere of dancing)
    Hezrou Cookies x200 (+4 Profane str,dex,con and +5 fortitude saves)
    Xyzzy Cookies x200 (bee breath)

    And about x50 of every other cake or cookie you can think off! including Hersheys! mmm!


    MANY +1 tomes
    Various +2 tomes


    4 Collapsed portable holes
    4,000 Motes of Winter
    Tome: Legend I (Looking For Tome Page V or VII Mainly)

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    Also got these bossbeaters for sale..

    +1 Metalline Khopesh or Pure Good
    +3 Metalline Khopesh of Pure Good

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