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    Default Looking for a guild

    Hey everyone.

    Being guildless since a few days, I'm looking for a guild I guess I should introduce myself a bit.

    I started with DDO when it was free to play and since I'm a fan of the pen & paper, I was hooked pretty quickly and bought quite some premium stuff including all the adventure packs by now. My main interests here are to have fun together with other players, not to level up quickly or grind for loot like there is no tomorrow, especially as my ingame time is pretty limited due to being a 19 years old German student of mathematics. Yeah, I'm looking for a guild that doesn't kick me out if I won't appear online for two weeks to a month or so...real life can get very stressful at times...

    My play style is relaxed and, as I mentioned, for the fun of it. That includes chatting with the others; MMORPGs aren't single player games, hence I prefer to treat others like what they are - human beings, not mere NPCs that run a dungeon with you. That said, speed runs aren't my cup of tea, I really need to be in the mood (or under time pressure) to do one.

    As a semi-newcomer to this game, I still don't know most quests and no raid at all, my characters aren't of high level (my highest one being my level 8 fighter) and my ideas of where I should level and which unique loot I should pursue (if I see the loot, I usually know what's good and what not, but I have no idea where I can get the important items) are limited, but I have MMORPG experience from a number of other games, consider myself an able and adaptive player if I'm in the mood for gaming and don't suffer lag and enjoy to talk with and help my guild mates if I have the chance for it.

    You can try to find me ingame directly, I've got all my characters visible in my MyDDO page. Otherwise, just respond here. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Default Black Seraphim Knights

    Hey Aironfaar,

    We are a guild of mature older players for the most part. Toon levels range from capped to low levels. Very relaxed, no pressure to raid or group. Do your own thing if you want, just remember we are here to help if you need it. Most of us are EST and are on in the evenings/nights as most of us have jobs and families. The toon I am running now is my level 7 cleric called Killheals. If you are still looking, send me a tell when you are on the next time and I will send guild invite.

    William.. AKA Killheals, Kileverything, Killsomemore and other toons that all start with kil or kill

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