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    Default Rogue Greensteel weapons/items

    Hi folks

    I am a lvl 17 rogue new to the game and was wondering what weapons/items I should try to craft.

    I am going for a straight 20 assassin build and use piercing weapons.

    I have heard of Min 2 and Rad 2 but not sure what would suit a rogue better, same goes for items.

    Thx for the suggestions.

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    Default GS crafting and other items for an attractive and successful rogue

    Quote Originally Posted by Kibosh123 View Post

    ...I have heard of Min 2 and Rad 2 but not sure what would suit a rogue better, same goes for items.

    Thx for the suggestions.
    I carry one of each (rapiers), Min for the damage and DR bypass, Rad for the crits. Add a Green Steel item of Smoke II with +45 HP, +6 DEX Skills, Displacement 2/rest, and Permanent 20% Blur (cloak slot for me). And, just for fun, a GS soul trap item for making gems and dinking around with trap/grenade smithing (added blindness ward/disease immunity to free up other slots).

    Then, depending on where your weaknesses are and what prestige enhancements you have, go with these non-GS items:

    Tharne's wrath set for reduced threat, ghost touch, true seeing and search/spot
    assassin, mechanic's or thief/acrobat set from ToD. Upgrade with force damage or 20% healing amp.

    The rest is to fill in the gaps, like GFL, heavy fort, etc.

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    location, location.


    For *almost*any rogue, a RadII rapier should be your #1 priority. Period. There is no single item in the game that has a greater benefit than a rogue getting his RadII rapier. So, grind, grind, grind ingredients until you can craft one.

    edit: WirelssJoe is pretty well on the money. I also like a WIS6 (Diplo/Haggle), Proof Against Poison and Fear, Cha Skills +1/+3 item (belt for me). It's nice to have the extra WIS, UMD and not have to worry about Fear.
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    If you're a strength build - STR > DEX, no weapon finesse - go with a radiance II and a mineral II. If you're a dex build, go with a radiance II and a lightning II. The latter will actually out-DPS a min II if you don't have a high strength. Radiance II is a necessity, though - blinding enemies on every crit is key because it opens them to sneak attacks no matter where their aggro is.

    As for accessories, your most important one is going to be an HP item. The usual suspects are a triple air item or a smoke item. Both will give you +45 stacking HP and +6 dex skills. The former will give you haste clickies and the latter will give you displacement clickies and a permanent blur. Smoke is better, but it's also a dual-shard item, so it takes a lot of large ingredients to craft.

    Personally, I also have a disease immunity/blindness immunity, +5 cha skills conc opp. This will give a nice boost to your diplomacy and UMD skills, and extra HP is always welcome, even if the spell points component of conc opp doesn't do anything for you.

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    For Weapons:
    - Radiance II rapiers are at the top of your crafting list. No other weapon has the same potential to change your playstyle. (Yes, getting sneak attack damage on something that’s actively aggroed on you is just that good.)
    - Mineral II rapiers are second on your list. You can get metalline of pure good weapons to handle your DR bypassing needs in the meantime.

    For Items:
    - +45 HP item. As a rogue, having hit points is a good thing. It allows you to survive a failed save, or a cleave that was initially aimed at the -10 AC barbarian. You have plenty of options for this. Single Shard items: Air III (Haste and Air Guard); Earth III (BFF's and Earthgrab Guard). Dual Shard: Mineral II (Stoneskin clicks, Prot +5, Heavy Fort); Radiance II (Radiance Guard); Smoke II (Perma Blur and Displacement clickie)
    - Immunity Item. You don’t even need to go Tier III on this one. But, having Poison, Blindness, Disease and Fear immunity on a single slot is nice. (Note: If you plan on getting on the epic loot hamster wheel you could divide these up over some epic items.)
    - +CHA skills item. OK, this is for someone with nothing else to craft. But, it’s damn useful... (It’s a +6 to your UMD score) Air III; Positive III or possibly Concordant Opposition.
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    1.) Radiance Rapier. Blind + Assassin III = kill count winner.
    2.) GS hp item - many choices, read End-game Equips for WF Fighter - contains a good summary for the best GS hp items.

    Personally, making a smoke I item is good for the displacement clicky, making a SmokeII, gives you perma blur, which does the same thing as a level 2 arcane spell, and is crazy expensive to make.

    I'd to Earthgrab guard, change to auto-hold enemies, and you can summon earth allies (good to take aggro off of you)
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    A rogue should eventually try to get:

    2x Radience 2 (rapier, kukri, scimetar for 2wf, falcion for 2hf)
    2x Positive 3 (light mace for finesse, warhammers for non-finess, maul for 2hander, usefull vs skeletons and liches)

    45 hp item (triple air is cheap with great clickie, dex skills bonus, and good guard, mine is a smoke 2 for permablur and +6 dex skills for openlock/sneaking)

    I also would recommend:
    2x min2 (scimetar/kurki if your rads are rapiers, rapiers if your rads are scim/kukri) for hard/elite raid bosses and miscellaneous DR stuff.
    2x lit 2s, nice for non-dr general dps
    2x water 3s, for the occasional fire elemental red named that always seem to have a million hitpoints.

    cha skills item for UMD, pref conc opp 2 with blindness/disease immunity. Even without spell points, the HP buff occurs often enough to be worth the extra larges IMO.
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    Default Rogue Assasin Int Build GreenSteel recomendations Please

    I see this thread is old and am wondering if it is still correct or if I should look at crafting differently. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    As far as I'm aware, not much has changed in the GS department. A +45hp item with either Aspect of Smoke for permanent Blur or Aspect of Mineral for 100% fortification is still pretty much the first thing one should craft.
    And then a Radiance 2 weapon. That blinding effect is really awesome.

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