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    Default *cough cough* Sick Deedee :(

    Hihi all nice ppls,

    I am here to send a apology for not log in for a little bit but I am very sick again *sigh* and so I dont have much energy at the moment even to write and read here and certainly not to play. I am very all floppy and keep sleeping even when I am going in the hospital that is unconvenient for them I am sure.

    It is long treatments for me again *sigh* but I will be home more soon and stick in my bed so you can expect me back around constantly soon to annoy you very much in quite a short time in the future! ^^

    So here I am wishing for all of you good loots, good pugs, good times and fun fun fun!

    D. xxx

    You like it? You give me reputations, ok? (tasty ham also accepted)
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    I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest and get well.

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    Default icky sicky

    I don't know you, but sounds like you are going through quite an ordeal.

    I'll send you some +5 superior health pots.

    Get better kk?
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