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    Default Finally got the Dragon Touched armor cracked

    I have my eldrich rune isolated (+5 resistance 2 more in my bag) and tonight my tempest (+6 cha 1 more in my bag) Have to pile up deeper numbers before using these.

    Now I up convert all the other runes to Sovergns!!

    Armors set so far.......(to my taste and equiptment liking)

    Monk: +5 resistance, +6 Cha, +4 Insight
    Barbarian: +5 resistance, Magma Surge Guard, Freezing Ice Guard
    Wf Sorc: +5 resistance, +6 Cha, ........blank so far, not sure if I'm going to bother for third tier
    Smitting: +5 resistance, +6 Cha, Smitting

    Got some more work to do on sovergns, up converted temepsts to 11 sovs to nly find the smitting that I was hunting for. More fun to be had!

    Having a pretty good night........crafted poss poss light mace, min 2 boots, 20th shroud, and first two tiers of dt armor set. Ignore my cheesing out. Lol!!!

    LOL, edit, even posted this in the wrong forum!!! Opps!
    Varr's all over. Cannith Varr getting the love currently.

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    Default Varr's all over crafting!!

    Laughed at your post.. I would have figured by now that you would have crafted anything and everything! I also read in a diff. post you were leaving cannith? Hope not. I really enjoy the craziness of the completionist that is all things Varr.

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