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    Default The Guildlistings of Argonnessen

    Ok, here we go. As per previous instructions, I would appreciate all new guild information being sent to me via PM here on the forums.

    My goal is to keep this Guildlisting as orderly and user-friendly as possible. So, please refer to the above sentence and do NOT post in this thread. Please and thank you. Also, if anyone happens through the Guildlistings and notices an error, please let me know ASAP via PM and I will correct it.

    If possible, please include this format in the PM, so all the listings have the same basic appearance.

    Author's note: Okie dokie, thanks for your patience. Consider the listings open again...please PM updates as needed. I will be updating the messages I've received over the next few weeks.

    The Final Brigade
    Guild Leader: Roju (Rojju, Karnack) Guild Successor - Hucklebilly (Woozel, Parnter, Hossrunner)
    Guild Contact: Any Guild Officer (Insert up to 5 primary names if you like)
    Guild Website: The Final Brigade (URL here as well)
    Guild Size: 275+ Members, 250 Fairly Active Members
    Guild Type: Casual, All Ages
    Guild Slogan: "No Man Is Left Behind." -- Someone named Roju.
    Guild Description: Very laid back guild, does quest together quiet a bit and knows how to have fun when the time calls for it!
    Guild Time Zone: N/A
    Last Updated By/On: Kurlore (please link to your User CP and save me the trouble) on (I'll insert date) 05/23/2008[/QUOTE]
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    Default A

    Adventure, Inc.
    Guild Leader: BZZT (Tangesazen, Lustmord, Totenfrau)
    Guild Contact: BZZT
    Guild Website: Thoughtbludgeon Guild
    Guild Size: DDO: Small, Other Gaming: 250 Active Members across many MMO's
    Guild Type: Casual, Adult.
    Guild Description: We're an old SWG Guild that's looking forward to SWTOR and playing other games in the interim including DDO.
    Guild Time Zone: Prime Time North America mostly.
    Last Updated By/On: Sinibyte on 06/24/2012.

    Guild Leader: Kaydon
    Guild Contact: Stublo/Elksausage
    Guild Website: Coming soon
    Guild Size: 3 active but growing
    Guild Type: Casual, fun
    Guild Description: Very casual, fun, chatty, we quest together every night
    Guild Time Zone: USA, mostly eastern
    Last Updated By/On: Hithop_Stublo on 08/24/2010.

    Guild Leader: Shyntana (Allimon, Panowar, Monomachus)
    Guild Contact: Any Guild Officer (Elmion, Nehante, Victaella, Oraio, Runnir)
    Guild Website: Coming soon
    Guild Size: 93+ Members and growing
    Guild Type: Casual, Local, Greek players only.
    Guild Slogan: "As brothers we stand like brothers we fall ."
    Guild Description: We are an exclusive guild founded on 2008 to gather most Greek players on the server. We begun as a small party of friends and although we keep growing we still have kept the familiar friendly mood.
    Guild Time Zone: Many but most of us Euro.
    Last Updated By/On: Panowar on (03/23/11)
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    Default B

    Bedlam Asylum
    Guild Leader: Kattinn (Kattiara, Kattbot) Successor: Vikus
    Guild Contact: Any Guild Officer (Ashbinder, Klout, Idesh, Merckx)
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size: Under 25 but growing
    Guild Type:Casual, Mature, Raiding
    Guild Slogan: Leave your sanity behind!
    Guild Description: Created by a group of players who just want to play the game and have fun doing it! Leave the drama behind! Most are experienced players with knowledge of the more popular raids/quests in the game. We have members from many areas/countries. English is our common language.
    Guild Time Zone: Various
    Last Updated By/On: Ullysses on 11/27/10

    Big Damn Heroes
    Guild Leader: Gandivor (Gondore)
    Guild Contact: Any Officer
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size: 25+ Active Members
    Guild Type: Raiding, Not quite Power Gaming, Adult.
    Guild Slogan: "It's Gondore's Fault!"
    Guild Description: We are a pretty laid back guild but like to get things done. We vary in our activity preferences but like to complete Epics for all the nice toys they offer.
    Guild Time Zone: Primarily EST & CST, but with members worldwide.
    Last Updated On/By: Shmuel on 11/15/2010.

    Guild Leader: Arkee
    Guild Successor:
    Guild Contact: lostx, Kvatch, Herne, Nyvn, Spiritwalker
    Guild Size: 20+
    Guild Type: few hardcore gamers and few casuals
    Guild Slogan:
    Guild Description: Very easy going and helpful
    Guild Time Zone: N/A
    Last Updated By/On: Arcanna on 10/06/2010

    Brothers Grimm
    Guild Leader: Uzial
    Guild Contact: Any officer or member
    Guild Website: Brothers Grimm
    Guild Size: Small Guild ( 23 members )
    Guild Type: Active & Casual Catering to both Grouping and Soloing Players
    Guild Slogan: N/A
    Guild Description: Our goal is to provide an ever expanding resource of fellowship, knowledge, and reliable Team Members.
    Guild Time Zone: US and Europe
    Last Updated On/By: walkingwolfmike on 04/24/11
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    Default C

    Celestial Knights
    Guild Leader: Tydarius
    Guild Contact: Any Officer
    Guild Website: Celestial Knights
    Guild Description: Casual Raiding guild with fun being the key.
    Guild Time Zone: Eastern and Central Prime Time Primarily.
    Guild Slogan: "Join and Fight!"
    Last Updated By/On: Khestral Trevin on 06/17/2010.

    Guild Leader: DarkStrife
    Guild Contact: Any Officer
    Guild Website: ChaosKnights
    Guild Description: 18+, Power Gamer.
    Guild Time Zone: We're all over the place. Not too many on in the wee hours
    Guild Slogan: "We're a bunch of people that do our own thing until it's time to raid..." -- A Canticle for DreamTheater.
    Last Updated By/On: Osharan Tregarth on 09/18/2010.[/QUOTE]

    Club Fu
    Guild Leader: Cbus (Belv,Belvino,Beldwar) Guild Successor - Celena
    Guild Contact: Any Guild Officer (Cathulu, Thovyn)
    Guild Size: 15 Members
    Guild Type: Adult, Raid.
    Guild Slogan: "Through the Teachings of Pouty Lee, We Rain Destruction!!!"
    Guild Website:
    Guild Description: We're a small group of good friends that pack a punch.
    Guild Time Zone: USA Prime Time EST - PST.
    Last Updated By/On: Belvino

    La Compagnie de Naheulbeuk
    Guild Leader: Geista
    Guild Contact:Any Guild Officer (if their names begin with "Geist" you can't be wrong)
    Guild Website: (in french)
    Guild Size: > 300
    Guild Type:French speaking
    Guild Slogan:"Rejoignez LA communauté Francophone d'Argonnessen !"
    Guild Description: French-speaking players from everywhere, from hardcore to casual.
    Guild Time Zone: France (GMT +2) and Quebec (GMT -5)
    Last Updated By/On: Cratecrusher on 30/11/2010[/QUOTE]

    The Continuum
    Guild Leader:
    Guild Contact:Any Officer
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size:
    Guild Type: Experimental
    Guild Slogan:
    Guild Description: Our goal is to help others. Within the game, members are guided by one basic directive: players outside the Continuum have priority to all valuable treasures found.
    Guild Time Zone:
    Last Updated By/On: Blisse on 11/29/2010
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    Default D

    The Dark Shogunate
    Guild Leader: Demyan
    Guild Successor: Kaldessi
    Guild Contact: Atrumvox, Halix, Ignatios, Carcaron, & Dejim
    Guild Website: The Dark Shogunate
    Guild Size: DDO: Small about 15 active players, but is growing
    Guild Type: Casual, All Ages, English Speaking, Active Group, Loyal Members and Officer
    Guild Slogan: "That which doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger!"
    Guild Description: We are a very fun loving guild, but we do have a slightly strict code that we follow. This guild is open to anyone who wishes to have a friendly environment to grow your character(s) in. We accept anyone, and are always looking for people to invite. All our officers are active, friendly, and helpful. The guild also has a lot of events and activities for new members to join and do.
    Guild Time Zone: USA - Central time zone for the most part
    Last Updated By/On: Hell.Kaiser.J on 05/06/11.

    Guild Leader: Sicarii Darkhour, Emperor & Father of the Alliance of Guilds.
    Guild Contact: Mr_Ed7
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size: ~50 members & 500 characters.
    Guild Type: Casual & Themed/Role-Play.
    Guild Slogan: "We are Darkside. We are One!"
    Guild Description: Darkside is the most flavoured theme guild of all the DDO guilds. The theme is that of an evil, super-villain organization. For the first time, we are not recruiting.
    Guild Time Zone: Throughout the 24 hour day, mostly weekends and pm EST.
    Last Updated By/On: Mr_Ed7 on 11/9/10.

    Das dreizehnte Corps
    Guild Leader: Smokepowder; Guild Successor - Agash
    Guild Contact: Any Guild Officer
    Guild Website: Gilden Forum
    Guild Size: 20+ Members, Some Fairly Active Members
    Guild Type: Casual, German speakers only
    Guild Slogan: "Wir kämpfen zusammen! Für unseren Platz in dieser Welt." (Let's fight together! For our place in this world.)
    -- Ein (nicht länger bekannter) Held der Halblinge. (Some (no longer known) Halfling Hero.)
    Guild Description: Eine deutschsprachige Gilde, welche die Freude am Spiel und an der Gesellschaft anderer fördern möchte. Wir haben kaum Regeln, aber die wenigen die es gibt liegen uns am Herzen - Respekt gegenüber anderen Spielern, Hilfsbereitschaft und eine gewisse Bereitschaft zur Kommunikation. Unter unseren Mitgliedern finden sich sowohl erfahrene Spieler als auch Neueinsteiger. Wir freuen uns sehr über Anfragen von neuen Mitgliedern und Gilden die eine engere Zusammenarbeit suchen.
    Guild Description Translation: A german speaking guild that wants to promote fun and wellbeing in the company with others. We don't have many rules, but the once we got we're looking after - treat other players with respect, be ready to help and a certain readieness to communicate. We got expirienced players as well as newbs. We'll be glad about requests from aspiring members as well as from other guilds that are looking to work together.
    Guild Time Zone: GMT +1 von Morgens bis spät in die Nacht(aber keine Bedingung)
    (from early morning till deep into the night (but not required))
    Last Updated By/On: Arijan on 30/06/2010.

    Guild Leader: Praya
    Guild Successor: Deldfine
    Guild Contact: Any Guild officer
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size: DDO: 50+ Fairly active members
    Guild Type: All levels, All ages, just here to have fun nothing serious.
    Guild Slogan: "Getting wet in the rain is NOTHING compared to what happens when the Deathmakers reign down"
    Guild Description: Some raiders, some PVP, we quest together when we can other than that just try have keep a smile and have fun
    Guild Time Zone: From all over
    Last Updated By/On: Praya20 on 01/29/11.

    Guild Leader: Goolemos (Goowoo, Goowwoo, Goowvoo, Goovwoo)
    Guild Successor:
    Guild Contact: Any guild officer (Goo*, Zoya, Rathgool, Lutique, Kuzya, Ushat, Hmpf, Moorl,...)
    Guild Website: Doomdancers
    Guild Size: 130 active accounts
    Guild Type: Russian speakers only
    Guild Slogan:
    Guild Description:
    Guild Time Zone: GMT+2 — GMT+8
    Last Updated By/On: Pingshot on 05/12/11.

    Dungeons and Dragon
    Guild Leader: Cringle
    Guild Contact: Any Officer
    Guild Website: Dungeons and Dragon
    Guild Description: Epics, raiding and fun
    Guild Time Zone: All hours
    Guild Slogan: "Bring the awesome"
    Last Updated By/On: Wraithkin on 09/05/10
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    Default E

    Elite Guard of Eberron
    Guild Leader: Hazardarea Guild Successor- Zeasnik
    Guild Contact: Any Guild Officer - Ploids, Gilgalled or Hazardarea
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size: 25 Members as of now but growing.
    Guild Type: Casual, All Ages, all Races and Classes
    Guild Slogan: "We are the Elite Guard, we defend Eberron with our lives"
    Guild Description: Very laid back guild, we have fun and do go on quests together.
    Guild Time Zone: Eastern US -5GMT
    Last Updated By/On: karbaron on 9/18/10

    Elite Shadow Society
    Guild Leader: Leader Revanant Co-Leader Iburny
    Guild Contact: Revanant,Recannith,Zemnas,Iburny,Burnymonk
    Guild Website:
    Guild Size: 6 players with 3 alternate characters and 6 mains (invite only)
    Guild Type: Friendly, Helpful, Social, Questing, Pvp/1v1
    Guild Slogan: .:B3YOND ELITE:.
    Guild Description: Not much is known about the Elite Shadow Society because very few actually make it in to our roster. Our requirements are not based upon skill or age or level or anything of the such... more so on personality, helpfulness, and how you carry yourself in the community.
    Guild Time Zone: whenever we are on
    Last Updated By/On: Snowkinggamer on 7/2/10
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