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    Default Character slots

    (Update: Clarified.)

    As a free status, am I safe to assume Turbine just screwed me over a paid service?

    The original purchase of additional character slots gave me 3 more slots, ending with a total of 5 character slots to fill. After the recent update, that service has been rendered down to 1 additional slot, leaving me with 3 character slots instead of 5.

    I can understand if it was a change to a free service but this was a paid service. If a customer paid for the previous service which provided 3 slots, they should be allowed to keep that service and slots. When the said customer wants more slots to its 5, then the new service would apply, being 1 additional slot per purchase.

    I can also understand if the Turbine Points were earned freely by racking in Favors, the change to the service would be fair. But I don't see it being the same case if you had spent money on the Turbine Points and purchased the service.

    Clarify (how much I had just been screwed)?

    Nevermind. I read further into this "Downgrade" mess and other details. I recognized that the original service is indeed an additional character slot (singular). Purchasing Turbine Points automatically upgraded my account to Premium from free, thus granting 2 additional slot (due to Premium account status) plus the 1 purchased from the DDO store. I think I just answered my own question.
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    This is a known issue. We're working to fix it. Please see the sticky.
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