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Thread: Soloed VoD

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    Default Soloed VoD

    This weekend I soloed VoD on normal on my level 20 Human Favored Soul.

    I died once, but re-raised through death pact.

    I did not pull any cool loot, but did get a +4 Metalline ShortSword of Pure Good from my end reward.

    I will post a screenshot later today. I am still trying to figure out how to post it with out uploading it to Photobucket. If anyone can give me advice/knowledge, it would be appreciated.

    Also after doing this...I am shocked and amazed even moreso how Phreshnphruit (Thucy) soloed it Melee style. Leap of Faith is the main reason I beat this raid.

    My gear set-up was not really that important. Notable things were the Torc, Concord Opp Goggles and Concord Opp Longsword.

    You can check my toon at MyDDO.

    Bacab of Ghallanda is mine.

    I did use about 5 Major Sp Pots. BTW to the people that do not know...Inspired Quarter seems to give these as end rewards a LOT. You can farm them really fast out there.

    I am aware this has been done by a lot of peopel, but I am still happy to have done this. I feel I can speak up when doing this raid now and tell people "You're doing it wrong!~"

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    Go to photobucket, create an account, click the upload button, browse to the pic, hit ok, and it should upload. Click next past a couple screens of random useless stuff, and you should be back on the page where you clicked upload at, but now, there should be a thumbnail of the pic you uploaded. If you hover over it it pops out some text fields with url's in em. Use the one with the [img]URL[/img] or just the normal one and put in the tags yourself.

    Congratulations by the way.

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    Default Yo! nice one :)

    Sup Bacab, Coit here .

    Well, my TR human pure fvs is 18 now, and m8, we have GOT to chat, lol.

    Congrats, that's some nice work, i know it's been done, but who really cares, i still count that as damn decent work, and definitely not an easy piece of puff that anyone can throw out at will.

    Look forward to catching up with you again soon, maybe on one of the guild abbot's we've started running recently perhaps.

    Have fun mate (ps, old Coithealz, that perenial lvl 17 cleric of mine got a +3 wis tome in reaver today, guess which toons gets capped and TR'd next! lol)

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    Default Gratz!

    Good job man. Sounds like you took your time and played smart-
    Quote Originally Posted by MeliCat View Post
    Kepli_Moonshadow, you're DA MAN
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    This is something I am still working on with my main. When I get there, I'll finally feel like I am starting to get a good handle on this game. Doesn't matter if others have done it because when you do it, it's a great thing indeed. I know I jumped out of my chair when I got Sins solo.

    *Tips hat to ya*

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    Congrats! Completion is completions!

    As for image hosting no need to register and just upload and link to it.
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    Don't worry about not being the first, for VoD, it's actually more about being able to do it. I suppose it's more a rank, or title, or presteige, or rite of passage. Something that finally makes you (know) that you are not just a normal casual player anymore.

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    Grats Bacab!
    Quote Originally Posted by PopeJual View Post
    Boo hoo. Use your leftover Turbine Points to buy your self a pair and stop crying like a little wuss.
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    Congratulations =) See you in game ~_^
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    Grats dude!

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