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Thread: 33 and drinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mockduck View Post
    Yeah, I'll be 36 this summer and feeling pretty weak about my choice of career and some of the decisions I made for employment. But at least I'm theoretically 1/2 way to retirement or something!

    I called 33 my vinyl birthday. Only someone above the age of 33 probably knows what I'm talking about...
    I'm not quite 33 yet and I know what you are talking about. Have a stack of them stored at the 'rent's house. Sadly don't have a working turntable and no dosh to get one. :/

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    Hehe thanks guys whew I logged on then got pulled away for kareoke which I hope to god no one got on flip or one of their darn camera phones. Drank laughed a bit Then actually got a little sleep Thanks for all the well wishers and Happy birthday to all the ones who will be feeling the way I do soon ^_^ lol Love the Gemini comment though I think my duel persona's make for more moodiness then anything else
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    Im not bad Im morally Obtuse...
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