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    Default Favorite quests to farm xp

    Hey there,

    I TR ed last week and have already hit lvl 10. I have drained alot of xp from the earlier quests and sucked about 75k from shadow crypt. I know von3 and 5 are very nice quests to get xp from, but with all my high lvl toons I have, I havent run the lower quests for xp in quite sometime. Could you guys make some suggestions on other quests that have a high xp return per time invested I would really appreciate it.


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    Tempest Spine
    Gwylan's Stand
    Tear of Dhakaan
    The Pit

    These are some I do and farm mid-level~~ VoN is good too.

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    The Pit. Here's a map:

    And here is a guide to the rune wheels in the security area:

    Find a friend who is willing to learn it. With two teams, you can do runs in about 25-30 minutes. Run it 6 times on normal then hard and elite. You should net around 100k xp.
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    You did stuff on Normal, Hard Elite? Even lvl6 quest if done on Elite with 1st time bonus can still give you great XP.

    Co6. Each part is not much, but can be done very fast. Combined its very nice XP.

    Threnal. Not all parts, but IIRC, 1-2 parts are great XP.

    Von3. Great XP. Do it norm/norm/norm and then hard/elite.

    Von4. If you zerg with Invisibility.

    Von5 is only great XP/time if you get a party. Good luck getting a party.

    Tempest is not that great. Boss fight can be long

    XC. If you have party. It can be done fast.

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    Threnal part 2 of like the Western Excavation. It is P2P and I don't see a whole lot of lfm's for it. You would have to do part 1 first which has very little xp, but then part 2 has like 5,000 base xp and goes fairly quickly. If you do it n/n/n/h/e you would get some amazing xp. It is part of a chain so you would have to have one person recall out and click to re-enter then everyone would recall and go back in. It resets the instance but doesn't move you in the chain. I don't know exactly how that works because I didn't actually set up the party, but I know I farmed like 20,000 xp in less than an hour doing it on normal only. If you get a group that knows the quest, you can break up into two groups allowing you to complete it faster. It took two runs before everyone felt comfortable to split up so we could have probably gotten in a few more runs.

    After that... Tempest Spine, VON and Wiz King in desert. With all the optionals in the wiz king you can earn around 25,000 xp. Just drag a wizzie or sorc and someone who knows it along with you.

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    Wiz King is amazing XP.
    Shadow Knight is great. Especially if you have a rogue. Firewall is also a boon in this quest.
    GH Walkups are pretty quick and easy.
    Now that my TR is level 18, I am farming the heck out of Monestary.
    Litany of the Dead is super fast, if you just get to the Dragon and don't bother with the 4 bosses.

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