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    Default Old Game cards.Expired?

    As the topic says I have a stack of the old retail game time cards with the ddo stormreach logo on them.Up untill earlier this year,they worked fine.Now I get an error any time I try to use any I have left(yes,I tried them all and checked the characters twice)I got error 29007 (please verify it has not expired)on ten cards, and not valid on another.I already have a support ticket in.But I have to wonder if this is a know issue or what?
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    No real insight other than to add, I too had a stack of game cards I had acquired, and decided last summer just before the new release to just punch them all in, on the off chance something like what you are seeing might happen. Not saying it is the same thing, I was just paranoid about stuff like that, and I figured the game cards would be worthless anyway if the game tanked, so might as well punch them in.
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    Damiarch, if you didn't include all the GTC codes when you sent in the email, I'd recommend sending another one with all of them included. Otherwise Accounts will ask you to send them so they can review the codes. They should be able to assist you with this.
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