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    Quote Originally Posted by norman_quickfinger View Post
    The last quest that was really pikable was the reaver until they changed it. Other then that yea don't pike. Or you start ending up on "friends"list.
    Umm, reaver is and always will be pikeable. I soloed it today and let a guildie pike. I do it all the time. I don't feel like wasting time to fill a group for a solo raid. Even when the eles were hard it was an easy solo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garth_of_Sarlona View Post
    I'm pretty sure that Quik has successfully piked Tod while being Horoth tank. After all, you just position him, turn on autoattack and go afk.

    Pretty sure the devs changed the AI of sully in vod just to prevent Quik from piking that anymore.

    fixed for ya.

    A little known story.

    When tod first came out I was indeed afk while tanking on my paly. Nature called and I was in the powder room. I had a wireless headset at the time so could hear everything. This was before we knew about 500+pt disintegrates and my paly was maxed at 530 hp. Evidently the cleric couldnt keep me full (lol) and I got 1 shoted. I heard the sound effect, then heard Moops yelling at me to take the raise (ofc I never told anyone I was afk they would have given me a hard time). Well I wasnt finished with my buisness, so I tried to shut down the hose in mid stream and come running back to the cpu.

    After we completed it was:

    [party]:Afk shower, just peed on my leg......

    True story
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    Quote Originally Posted by pasterqb View Post
    If i remember correctly you can 2 man that quest. Hirelings(Not sure on this) and Pets are possible ways to activate the runes without actual players. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.
    MrCow has a vid where he solo'd this with a hireling, FYI (mobs can trigger the rune plates, fascinate or dance them on top of them)

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