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    Default All Rogue elite VoD

    So I've gotten some in game interest in attempting this and decided to post a thread to see if we can get together an all rogue elite VoD attempt for either Wednesday or Thursday night. What you'll need: How can you rogue contribute to the group? What role can you rogue play? And what evening(s) you're available.

    We will need a sully tank with either very high AC or a WF. The sully tank will require DR bypassing weapons. Mineral II's will be best. We will also need a few very high UMD rogues that are willing to be our healers whether it's Warforged or Fleshie.

    I will be doing the Orthons so that leaves:

    1- Sully tank
    3-4 Rogues willing to be healers
    6 Heavy DPS
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