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    Default Way to go new guys!

    As you can see (at least for the next few minutes) I am at 4,000 posts. So, for once, I am going to use my posting powers for “good”!

    Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a nice change of pace on the Sarlona PuG Shroud scene.

    All my recent completions have been “one rounders” in part 4. More importantly they have been one rounders with, maybe, one death at most.

    To me, this means that our collection of new players is starting to grow in power and skill. (Or that they go to bed early. ) Anyway, good work guys!!!

    (Seriously, it’s nice to go into Shrouds again and not feel like it’s destined for failure.)

    Next lesson: How to properly tell someone to “GET OFF OF MY LAWN!”
    Things that if Turbine went all EXTREME PREJUDICE™ on, would actually make the game fun again.:
    • Giving us the racial PrE’s we were promised, before rolling out DDOStore™ Enhancement Trees.
    • Fixing physical defense for Rangers and Rogues. It’s ridiculous that you’re better off wearing Heavy Armor and ignoring your innate feats on these classes.
    • Cannith Crafting.
    • Update the named loot to put them on the same system.
    • Fixing the Cannith Challenges so that they can be 6 starred without incredible luck or store bought items.
    • Fixing all challenges to give us decent XP and ingredient returns for the unreasonable time we have to spend in most of them.

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    Gratz on 4k. I was thinking it was a fluke, but my last few have been 1 rounders as well. Not only that, but my last 2, no one needed help on the puzzles. It's nice.

    Post on,


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