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    Looting an item needed for your next or second next reincarnation is fine. Rolling for the very same item over people who can use it right away is a bad form.
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    the bracers are actually one of the best guards in the game. The proc rate for the effect is really high - 10%, then it's doing between 11-13 points of cold damage per hit, as well as reducing incoming fire damage.

    For epic dragon that's quite good for a bracer slot, as long as it's not taking your STR slot or something stupid like that.

    Oh, and what everyone else said too.


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    I'm sure at one time or another most posters have had an item they wanted and needed taken by someone who couldn't or shouldn't use it. I don't see the big deal either way. I know I have lost many a rolls to's not like we got anything else to do besides running raids and EPIC anyway.

    I have found what people consider "BEST" gear selection a very personal matter...that's why toons can be so diffrent at times. It also explains why these threads pop up all the time when they shouldn't. There just tiny pixels really....keep running the raid and sooner than later it'll be your inventory and you'll be happy!!!
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    Eh could be worse I lost a roll on Bard's cloaks because the fighter stated he needed it for the clickie...not for the charisma the clickie "it will be useful in pvp"... needless to say that bard eventually pulled one but still laugh when I see that fighter

    My opinion on raid loot is if I want then I will have to loot it to be guaranteed it goes in my backpack and not yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Draegha View Post
    So, ran a VoD last night, and Bracers of the Glacier dropped a long with 2 Gloves of the Glacer(and 2 Bard Cloaks, and a Tharnes Bracers, quite a run). One caster had gloves already, and the other got one of the pairs from this run. Both casters(and both clerics) needed the Bracers. So those people are rolled for them.

    I should note at this point that the person who actually got the Bracers seemed to be someone who understood the game, but did not speak english.

    Then, the Main Tank rolled for the bracers, citing no specific reason for wanting them, just that he "needed" them. I presume for the clickie of fire shield? Regardless, he won the die roll and despite strenuous objection from everyone in the group, the non-asian speaking member passed them to the person who won the die roll(the Tank) and the Tank then looted them without another word, recalled, and left the group.

    While I think wanting an item for a clickie on it is a legitimate want, isnt the etiquette to give priority to people with need? Incidentally, one of the clerics was the second highest roller, but agreed after he rolled to pass it to one of the caster to complete their set.
    haha my buddy was in that group. the fighter was bragging in guild chat that he had just screwed my friend on the bracers
    needless to say i was shocked by the douchbaggery
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    It was me who rolled on the bracers and won it
    I use it for the guard,It is 1 of the best guards in the game
    It has a 10% proc rate which is sweet and 50% fire resistance
    I am A intimitank I could use that just as good as any caster
    If you want a caster Item go run Amrath.

    I dont recall ever bragging in guild chat about it I only said there was alot of players that dont understand its value to a fighter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krag View Post
    Looting an item needed for your next or second next reincarnation is fine. Rolling for the very same item over people who can use it right away is a bad form.
    Even in some case I would say bad form on your own pull in certain circumstances, but I have always been a big proponent of the support your local cleric and arcane's union. Especially Clerics who have the most thankless job in the game. So you loot the +4 wisdom tome on your fighter for will saves or a reroll rather than give it to your healer...I' d be less than impressed.

    Thus why I abhor pug raids and run with guildies. I would rather fail 100 times teaching guildies new to the raid than succeed in pugs and deal with loot drama.
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    It is loot. There will be more. Put the drama down and move on.
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    "I want your stuff"

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