Hello DDO, hello Khyber!

Over the last 11 months i have been playing DDO, had a short insight in some of the smaller guilds and then decided to start my own guild project. I have been running this on my own for quite some time and found it very worthwhile to see my little baby grow and prosper! Hope remains is now about to hit level 35, and we have quite a couple of casual players that don't like to push or be pushed by anyone. I myself am very active, i log on daily at EU prime time (7 pm GMT+1) and play for about 2-4 hours.

I will gladly share all my knowledge with new players who have an interest to learn the game. This includes explaining game mechanisms, lead through quests and sharing tips&tricks about them, give character build and optimization strategies, help you run quests on higher difficulties to develop your character quickly etc. I will never harrass, insult or remove a player unless he asks for it by bad behaviour. I want a warm, friendly and familiar atmosphere amongst my guild members. Of course female players are equally welcome and will be treated with the respect they deserve! I will not set a firm age threshold but rather ask for mature behaviour. There is many educated 14-year olds and as many non-educated 22-year olds out there. Allow me to run a couple of quests with you, preferrably with voice chat, and we will know if we fit together!

The guild name hints at my tendency to bring myself in perilous situations where i have to rely on a strong team. for new players i will slow down though and be the rock they can rely on :-)

If you think you'd like to try us, please send me an ingame message to Gowenna, i will check these on a daily basis.

Best regards