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    Dancing people in the trap at the end of von6 (especially if they are a caster with knock) is the new 'running over the horrid wilting traps in part 3'.

    That is all. Go ahead and post your screenshots now.


    Garth 20/ftr (Kensei) Haeson 20/clr Cairis 12/ftr 6/rgr 2/rog Xortan 20/wiz
    Tinosa 20/brd Garthbot 20/fvs Gaarth 18/ftr 1/rgr 1/rog (Stal Def)
    Tibetan 20/mnk Automatic DDO raid timers Haezon 20/sor (Conj)

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    edit:woops that was a bit of a blur fail wasn't it... lol sorry... mystery person...

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