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    Default Pally intitank gear: the fun

    Hello, guys and gals.

    I'm creating this post for suggested end-game gear setup for pally tanks. I'm having some fun thinking of the countless combos possible, so I'll just put up what I have on my mind at the moment in hopes for some criticism and suggestions:


    Weapon: Mineral II with 4 insight
    Bracers: Chaosgarde
    Armor: DT with Heavy Fort, (6 cha) or 20% Heal Amp , 3 Dodge
    Amulet: Torc ( on Epic with 6 cha )
    Googles: Concordant Opp with +5 cha skills
    Ring 1: Circle of Hatred ( 15 inti, 5 all saves)
    Ring 2: Band of Syberis ( with 6 cha or +2 con )
    Belt: Belt of Syberis ( 6 con, GFL )
    Cloak: GS 45 HP with for Earthgrab (3x Earth)
    Helm: GS with +1 cha skills (3x Air?)
    Shield: Levik's
    Gloves: The one from Abbot or Epic Spectral w/ +1 dex

    Boots: Madstone Boots / Firestorm / whatever?
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    You should probably post this in the Paladin forums. You might get a better response.

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    I would change the earthgrab cloak to min II for the protection heavy fort slot, and change your eldritch on the dt to something else, maybe 10% healing amp.
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