I took a few hours out of my day to brush up on my excel skills (and my bow-staff skills lol) and decided to create a XP Calculator / Planner.

Current Functions:
1. Calculates the full amount of XP you will gain from completing a quest.
2. Calculation includes:
  • Dungeon Entry XP Bonuses and Degradation
  • Death Bonuses and Degradation
  • Re-entry fees
  • Monster(Mob) Kill Bonuses
  • Not Killing Monster Bonuses
  • Trap Disarm Bonuses
  • Discovering Secret Door Bonuses
  • Breakable Bonuses

3. Also there is a form where the user can put in their own data for the runs they do. They can compare their totals to their simulated totals to see what order is best for the maximum amount of XP!

Download 97-2003 Compatible Version Here
Download 2007 Compatible Version Here

Please reply with any bugs... I didn't see any but they could be hiding. Also I understand that there is no reincarnation XP chart. If I get around to it then I will add that functionality.[/highlight]