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    Default Favor Grinding and Turbine Points

    Overview of Favor and Turbine Points

    If you are a Free to Play Player, or even a Pay to Play Player, it is important to understand the importance of obtaining Favor on ones characters for the resulting Turbine Points that you will achieve from it – for Turbine Points are the heart of your ability to play un-purchased areas of the game, or obtain items to make your characters shrine.

    One earns Favor on their characters by completing quests in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Each quest will net you a one time bonus to Favor to a certain faction in the game, and add to your Overall Favor. Running quests on higher difficulties will increase the Favor obtained over that of the lower difficulties. Eventually as players go about obtaining Favor, they will notice that they get some Turbine Points, which they can save up to purchase things in the Dungeons and Dragons Online Store.

    This Guide will go into depth regarding the accumulating Favor on your character, and the resulting Turbine Points obtained. It will also go into detail about some hints that you might make use of in Farming Favor for Turbine Points.

    Additionally, it is recommended to read the posts after the guide made by other players, as some links and tips pointed out by them may also be useful to review.

    Obtaining Turbine Points

    First, it is important to discuss how one can earn Turbine Points. There are essentially two ways you can gather Turbine Points – Earn it through playing the game, or buying it with your own money. It is strongly recommended that if you like this game, you should consider becoming a Pay to Play Player and buying some Turbine Points. If this is not an option for you, but you do like the game, then you’re stuck with having to Farm Favor to get Turbine Points needed to buy what you need from the DDO Store, or unlock Races/Classes in Game.

    Overall Favor will result in Turbine Points as it accumulates in multiples of 100, or hits a milestone on an individual server. To discuss the first instance, whenever one of your characters hits a multiple of 100 Overall Favor (eg, 700 total Overall Favor) you will earn yourself 25 Turbine Points. Commonly players may roll a character just to farm to 100 Overall Favor to get 25 Turbine Points, and then re-roll the character to reach 100 Overall Favor again.

    The other instance to consider for earning Favor however is when you reach certain milestones on individual servers. By milestones I refer to garnering a one time total of Overall Favor on an individual server (say Sarlona) and getting a one time bonus for it. For example, you will get:

    50 Turbine Points for Accumulating 5 Overall Favor for the first time on a server
    25 Turbine Points for Accumulating 25 Overall Favor for the first time on a server
    25 Turbine Points for Accumulating 50 Overall Favor for the first time on a server
    50 Turbine Points for Accumulating 500 Overall Favor for the first time on a server
    100 Turbine Points for Accumulating 1000 Overall Favor for the first time on a server
    100 Turbine Points for Accumulating 2000 Overall Favor for the first time on a server
    100 Turbine Points for Accumulating 3000 Overall Favor for the first time on a server

    These one time bonus’s can be done on each of the servers and will net you a substantial about of Turbine Points, plus as you get multiples of 100 Overall Favor trying to reach then, you get that extra 25 Turbine Points.

    To briefly explain it, consider a Player who rolls a Human Fighter on Khyber and runs it to 400 Overall Favor. He has never played on Khyber before and this is his first character on that server. He earns Turbine Points as follows:

    50 Turbine Points for first 5 Overall Favor on Khyber
    25 Turbine Points for first 25 Overall Favor on Khyber
    25 Turbine Points for first 50 Overall Favor on Khyber
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 100 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 200 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 300 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 400 Overall Favor on the Character

    Total Turbine Points earned on Human Fighter = 200 Turbine Points

    The player at this point decides he would like to roll a new character on Khyber and get to 1000 Overall Favor (Note, he is capable of doing this because he already owns some Adventure Packs). He rolls a Drow Elf Paladin (Note, the player doesn’t own the Drow Elf Race, but because he reached 400 Favor already on another character in the server, he can use it) and begins leveling it. He earns Turbine Points as follows:

    25 Turbine Points for achieving 100 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 200 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 300 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 400 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 500 Overall Favor on the Character
    50 Turbine Points for first 500 Overall Favor on Khyber
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 600 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 700 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 800 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 900 Overall Favor on the Character
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 1000 Overall Favor on the Character
    100 Turbine Points for first 1000 Overall Favor on Khyber

    Total Turbine Points earned on Drow Elf Paladin = 400 Turbine Points

    The player now decides that he needs just a little more favor to get himself an adventure pack he really wants, so he rolls a Human Barbarian on the server Argonnesen, a server he has yet to play on with any character, and decides to just get to 100 Overall Favor.

    50 Turbine Points for first 5 Overall Favor on Argonnesen
    25 Turbine Points for first 25 Overall Favor on Argonnesen
    25 Turbine Points for first 50 Overall Favor on Argonnesen
    25 Turbine Points for achieving 100 Overall Favor on the Character

    Total Turbine Points earned on Human Barbarian = 125 Turbine Points

    The player has accumulated 725 Turbine Points on his Dungeons and Dragon Online Player Account. Gianthold is on sale at the time for 25% off, so the player can purchase that adventure pack.

    Pre-planning before Favor Farming

    To start off the topic of Favor Farming, I’ll lay down a few notes that one might consider. First, how many Turbine Points do you need to buy what you want from the Dungeons and Dragons Online Store when it is on sale for 20%? 25%? 30%? Second, how many Turbine Points do you have available? Third, how many milestones on the individual servers do you have available to achieve and add on to your Turbine Point count? Forth, how much Overall Favor total can you hopefully accumulate on one character?

    You should ask these questions to yourself because just like everything else in Dungeons and Dragons, you need to plan ahead. For example, if your looking to buy Gianthold, which has a base cost of 950 Turbine Points. If you were to re-roll a character 38 times, after achieving 100 Overall Favor, you would end up with 950 Turbine Points. If you were however to wait for it to go on sale for 30%, making it 665 Turbine Points, and had two servers where you had yet to play any characters at all; you could run a character on each of the servers to 500 Overall Favor to get 275 Turbine Points each and re-roll a character 5 times after achieving 100 Overall Favor and buy the adventure pack. Eventually you might not have any milestones left, but by then you will hopefully have 5 to 6 adventure packs bought that you can entertain yourself with as you build your overall favor (it isn’t like going to 600 or 700 Overall Favor is a bad thing if you decide to that instead of rerolling 6 or 7 times).

    In any case, if you have rolled a character on each of the individual servers, and have reached a total of 500 Overall Favor for a character on each of those servers, it is around this time one might consider the strategy of repeatedly re-rolling a character for Turbine Points, unless one wants to try and get 1000 Overall Favor for a character on each of the individual servers,

    Tips from the Favor Farmer

    First Tip: Pick one of the servers as your Designated Favor Grinding Server. Generally what I mean by this is, you should focus your efforts of Favor Farming into just one of the servers outside your home server. That means you should try and find and save some loot that might be useful in your favor grinding efforts before actually beginning to Favor Grind. I myself would suggest picking up such items as a Vermin Bane, Undead Bane, Human Bane, and Reptilian Bane Weapon for example. A Flaming or Flaming Burst Weapon is also probably worth picking up as well.

    Second Tip: Consider making a character to farm up to 500 Overall Favor or 1000 Overall Favor before actually re-rolling a Favor Grinding Character. The Reasoning behind doing this is two-fold. First, if you get a character to 500 Overall Favor, you get the milestone 50 Turbine Point bonus and if you get a character to 1000 Overall Favor, you get the milestone 100 Turbine Point Bonus. However, and more important, the second reason is that you can unlock the Drow Elf for use on a server where a character reaches 400 Overall Favor, and Veteran Status at 1000 Overall Favor the same way. If you haven’t bought the Warforged race, it is my opinion that a Drow Elf 2HF Paladin is one of the best Favor Grinders you can make. Additionally, starting at level 4 instead of level 1 should be obvious with the Veteran Status benefit.

    Third Tip: Make a character that is both self-sufficient and capable of soloing the earlier quests. Really, you aren’t looking to make friends, your looking to grind favor. If you can form a party to come with you, great, else you will be looking to run quests quickly for Favor and that may be running the quests solo with just a hireling. In my honest opinion, the best race that will come to mind is the Warforged, and it doesn’t really matter what class you play since your Adamantine Body Feat is so powerful early on; but if you don’t have it bought yet, a Drow Elf 2HF Paladin should be pretty effective too. It doesn’t matter though what you make, as long as you keep in mind that you are looking for a character that will be able to effectively solo through the Korthos, and Harbor Quests.

    Forth Tip: Keep in mind that your looking for the fastest route to completing the quest and that the only role of experience or optional loot is to level up your character so that you can complete quests faster. This means that your skipping the Troglodytes in Durk’s Got A Secret, and you will only kill Muck if you don’t already have a Muckbane or 2 handy. There is no point doing and optional objective for experience if you will just be re-rolling the character anyway.

    Fifth Tip: Sometimes it will be faster to party with other people to elite quests and build Overall Favor. However, just because your not on your home server, doesn’t mean you should forget proper Dungeons and Dragons Etiquette. If someone is forming a group to do Korthos quests and doesn’t want to zerg, don’t join it and begin zerging. If they are looking to run Harbor Quests and wants to get experience, help them out. It may slow you down but keep in mind that if they are opening it on elite for you, that’s a quest you don’t have to run on normal or hard. Of course to avoid the chance of falling into a group that might be slower, just form your own group and note that you’re after Favor.

    Sixth Tip: The Korthos Quest loot can really help you out, so try doing the Korthos Quests before other quests. Insight Goggles from Necromancer’s Doom, the Rugged Belt from Storehouse, the Bracers of Aid from Cannith Crystal. Be sure to run the Korthos quests first to pick up your loot. In the case of the Veteran Status Favor Grinder, you might be missing some of the items, like the Bracers of Aid, or starting off with the wrong Korthos Set item.

    Seventh Tip: Play in a way that you find favorable when grinding Favor Points. Above all else, don’t make Favor Farming feel like a part time job for yourself. If you can at all grind in a way that you can derive entertainment value from it, then do so. I myself tend to grind my characters to at least 200 Overall Favor instead of the usually 100 Overall Favor people tend to aim for. I will sometimes grind as high as 300 or 400 Overall Favor on a Veteran Status character. The purpose of doing so is to expand the range of quests so that I’m only playing an individual quest a few times, rather then a tiresome amount. Some other good ideas would be to buy some Low Level Adventure Packs for yourself to grind.

    Eigth Tip: When Favor Grinding, use a Two Handed Weapon. It's impossible to match the damage using Two Weapon Fighting, and a Sword and Board character won't get meaningful AC without buffs. A Two Handed Weapon is simply the best way to go.

    Ninth Tip: Get Your Attack Bonus as High as Possible. Mobs on Elite tend to get high enough AC that the amount of damage your character inflicts becomes secondary to hitting the mobs in the first place. It doesn't really matter how you increase your Attack Bonus, but try to get it to at least 10 or higher.

    Tenth Tip: Normal and Hard Difficulty on quests won't yield as much favor as on Elite, but if soloing the quests it may be easier. If you find quests slightly difficult on harder settings, you can always just run them to Normal or Hard and then get your Favor elsewhere. As long as it adds up to a multiple of 100, you will get 25 Turbine Points Regardless.

    About Favor Runner Creation

    When looking to Favor Farm, your main goal is to create a character that suits your playing style, can quickly run a quest to completion, and can do so efficiently enough that it isn’t a hassle to make the character in the first place. It would be too difficult to name every good build to consider because there are so many styles that could be whipped up to use. Here’s a quick overview concerning the Races and Classes to give you an idea of how to build your character.

    Race Breakdown

    Human – A good choice for anyone looking to rack up some quick favor. Humans make for a good race to choose because they can make up for a lot of downfalls presented from classes that may not do as well as others with an extra feat or their versatile enhancements. Additionally they can be healed for more which is always a plus, and their Dragonmark choices can open a lot of interesting options for them.

    Dwarf – Definitely a nice choice for anyone due to the extra 2 points in Constitution, you can also like them for their bonus to Balance, their saves against spells, or their Enhancements in Axes. The loss of 2 points in Charisma does perhaps hurt them for Charisma classes, though that doesn’t prevent them from looking into those classes.

    Elf – Elves tend to suffer somewhat due to their loss of 2 points in Constiution, hurting your overall hitpoints. While the extra Dexterity can be somewhat useful for Reflex Saves and Defense, they can at least stand out a bit for their saves versus enchantment spells. The Dragonmark they possess can also aid them somewhat too in avoiding some fights and speeding things along.

    Halfling – Halflings tend to hurt quite a bit for favor farming due to the loss of 2 points in Strength and the limited use in spellcasting. They do however make up for it a bit in in the Cunning and Guile enhancement lines when your go after enemies that are stunned, the extra 1 point for saves and ability to boost individual saves as well. Their Dragonmark Line can also provide a little benefit for where a little healing is needed on those few classes where damage taken may be less of a concern.

    Drow – The poor mans 32 point build is certainly a decent consideration for favor farming, especially if you don’t have access to 32 point builds. Like Elves they still hurt in the loss of the 2 points in Constitution but they make up for it with their natural spell resistance, coupled with their saves versus enchantments like regular Elves, and the extra stat points they get for Charisma and Intelligence.

    Warforged – Really strong choice for anyone looking to work their way on through a level like a Juggernaut. The Warforged Adamantine Plating feat will work really well in lower level content as well as a Mithril Plating for those looking for Lighter armor. The only real downside about their plating is that it costs a feat. Warforged also benefit from 25% fortification, and the ability to be healed by repair damage spells. Along with the above they are granted immunity to a lot of ailments like nausea, disease, poison, or paralysis. It’s not all gravy though, they do suffer from cure spells in that they are half as effective. Of course as well, they do get 2 extra points in Constitution, but suffer in Charisma and Wisdom for it which can limit the usefulness of some spells for casting.

    Half-Elf – The Half-Elves are a decent consideration to use for favor farming in that Half-Elf Dilettante’s can add some unique flavors to pursue in making a build while also looking at old Human Favorites like Human Versatility and Improved Recovery. Their Dragonmark can also be quite effective for helping them out.

    Half-Orc – If a Warforged is a Juggernaut then the Half-Orc is a Wrecking Ball. With 2 extra points in Strength and Enhancements that will further improve Melee Damage, it is hard to argue against it. Like Dwarves and Warforged though, while strong in their inherent beneficial stat, they suffer in others, namely for Half-Orcs the Intelligence and Charisma stats. You’ll probably therefore not be making Arcane spellcasters to favor farm with.

    Class Breakdown

    Artificer – There’s no denying the effective power of the Repeating Crossbow at lower levels just destroys everything. Having an Iron Defender also takes some of the heat off your character to allow you to undertake any important tasks that calls your attention. Warforged races can also self-heal themselves with Light Repair Damage while any Artificer can heal his own pet. Don’t forget about disarming traps which can also help out a lot early on too. There is a lot of good stuff to like about Artificers so they are definitely worth considering for a favor runner.

    Barbarian – Barbarians have a lot going for them as favor farmers – good health, great damage, a speed boost along with a natural faster running speed, and good natural damage reduction as well. The only things they really chew into them though is their lack of saves and ability to self-heal so you may have to bring a hireling or some cure pots along for your favor farming. Splashing Barbarian though with another class however works well to overcome that though.

    Bard – The Bard would be the surefire winner favor farming – if only its health was higher and its mana pool a bit deeper. Still, a Bard has a lot going for it with spells to both hinder enemies and aid himself, the ability to use cure spells to heal up, good Attack due to Inspire Courage and Focusing Chant, Fascinate for those times you have a lot of enemies to handle. A lot of options are open to the Bard – just keep them away from anything that might cause too much damage.

    Cleric – Clerics are decent for favor farming but the lack of Martial Weapons and the enhancements that are made to help others don’t work as well as one might want them too. Still, self-healing, buffing, and debuffing enemies is what choosing the Cleric is about, and splashed with other characters you can improve their combat ability. Make a note though that class enhancements can help you with weapons, particularly Warforged who can get help with Greatswords.

    Favored Soul – Where a Cleric might be hindered by a lack of enhancements to use on himself, a favored soul can use action boosts to help himself out. They still hurt in Martial weapons though but class enhancements can help make up for it, or splashing the character. What’s more, a Favored Soul has more mana then Clerics and can go a lot farther.

    Fighter – Lots of good stuff with Fighters in the form of extra feats and beneficial enhancements. They also have decent hit points and can achieve decent defense too to fend off physical attacks. Like the Barbarian though, the lack of self-healing hurts but it is also a good class to splash with others.

    Monk – A well built Monk can be devastatingly powerful depending on how it’s built. With high Wisdom and Dexterity it can evade much with its reflex save while fending off other spells with a high will save. With high Strength it can deal great damage. Of course as well, Monks have a lot of Enhancements and Feats that can be very useful too. Splashed or just left pure for your favor runner, the Monk is just a great class to go with.

    Paladin – Perhaps one of he strongest favor runners you can build is the Paladin. Great saves, good burst damage, terrific burst healing, and capable of running with good defense; you’ll have no problem running a Paladin as a favor runner. Like monks you can splash them or leave them pure and they will still rock.

    Ranger – The use of the Bow, Rapid Shot, and Two Handed Weapon feats is a bit different but it does work for a favor runner. You can also get the ability to boost your speed temporarily or make use of Favored Enemy as well. Without self-healing though it is likely you would want to splash this class with another.

    Rogue – Disarming traps and Evasion are pretty well what make the Rogue stand out for Favor Farming, but the classes real benefit of Sneak Attacks tends to hurt when you draw agro which is likely to happen when your favor farming. Still, splashed with other classes you can get great benefit with the class and if you make stuff helpless with stuff like Stunning Blow then your sneak attacks will go off.

    Sorcerer – Blasting your way through mobs can work alright for the Sorcerer but this can be a fairly squishy class to run with. Sorcerers stand out though when made with Warforged due to the ability to Self-heal with Light Repair. This class can splash well with a few other classes like Paladins, Bards, Clerics, and Favored Souls or do well on its own.

    Wizard – Warforged suffer in Charisma which hurts for Sorceres but with Intelligence you can get off spells like Charm Person or Hypnotism on a Wizard. The mana pool is less for a Wizard then Sorcerer but the abundance of spells can make up for it a bit and you can do very well. Splashed with some other classes it can perform quite nicely or it can be left alone.

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    Default Blueprint for Favor Runner Build and Quest Route

    About the Favor Grinders

    There are many suitable builds that can be used to run for favor. They may be Veteran Status characters, 32 Point Builds, Warforged, etc; over even just a basic level 1 character started from the Shipwrecked Shore. As long as the player using the character is comfortable with the build, and can adequately grind favor with the build, then there really is no real problem.

    When running for favor, the key goal is to build multiples of 100 favor in the shortest time possible and the least risk of failure obtainable. That means running quests that have high favor yields per minute, and you won't necessarily fail or take too much time running quests due to:

    • 'worst case scenarios' occurring - Bloodknuckles relentlessly attacking you dealing multiple hits and a lot of damage

    • 'poor understanding of quests' - has problems running Stealthy Repossession and is confused as to how to safely complete the quest

    • 'inadequate build' - character has too low hit points, too low to hit, not enough self-sufficiency, etc

    • 'poor understanding of game tactics' - doesn't understand how avoid being surrounded by monsters, dealing with enemy casters, use of spells to control mobs, etc

    • 'poor understand of game mechanics' - doesn't understand how to use feats like Trip, Stunning Blow, Smite Evil, Rage, Dismiss Charm, Fascinate, TWF Penalties, etc; to their fullest potential

    The builds can vary, and running styles can be diverse, and people can choose what quests they like to best follow; however, it is important to generally try and plan out how much favor you are running, what quests you plan to run to get to that total, how you plan to run the quests, and within what sort of time frame you are looking to reach your decided upon favor by. This advice should be followed because while you will perhaps get Turbine Points running a character to 100 favor or 200 favor, or whatever amount before rerolling; but you might be better off simply run the character with the intention of playing it, and hitting higher multiples of 100 or favor ranks, such as those at 400, 500, 1000, 1750, 2000, 2500, etc; and getting other things unlocked for you on the server, as well a big Turbine Point milestones you can collect. It just might pay out more Turbine Points for you, or allow you to gain experience for playing the game, or learn about a class up into the higher levels. The biggest note of all, is that it might be more enjoyable then running a character to a low multiple of 100 over and over.

    Favor Runner Cookie Cutter Build and Quests Followed

    For players who want a cookie cutter build and route to consider following, I note a couple builds that I made use of and an overview of the quests within the 1 and 2 level range.

    Drow Elf, Lawful Good Paladin, Level 4 Veteran Status Character

    Stats (Value in Brackets Reflects Actual Modifier):

    Strength 16* (18)
    Dexterity 11 (12)
    Constitution 13 (14)
    Intelligence 10 (10)
    Wisdom 12 (12)
    Charisma 15 (16)

    *Throw the stat point you get for level 4 in Strength


    Throw points into Intimidate, Balance, Tumble (1 or full ranks), Jump, or Heal.


    Stunning Blow (Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons can replace this)

    Spend Action Points:

    Paladin Attack Boost I
    Paladin Toughness I
    Paladin Extra Smite Evil I
    Elven Enchantment Resistance I
    Paladin Charisma I
    Elven Dexterity
    Paladin Extra Lay On hands I
    Racial Toughness I
    Paladin Resistance of Good I
    Paladin Bulwark of Good I

    Spell Choice:

    Divine Favor, Virtue, Protection from Evil

    Weapon Choices:

    +1 Starter Greatsword or +1 Starter Greataxe, Trash Weapons for Slimes

    Overview after getting to Marketplace (Before Buffs):

    99 Hit points
    15 Spell Points
    23 Armor Class

    +12 Fortitude Save
    +7 Reflex Save
    +7 Wisdom Save

    +4 Base Attack Bonus
    14 Spell Resistance
    25% Fortification
    1/- Damage Reduction

    3 Cold Resistance
    0 Fire Resistance
    0 Acid Resistance
    0 Lightening Resistance
    0 Sonic Resistance


    What I really liked about this build, was the ability to run multiple quests quite fast and effectively. Quite literally this build was able to run most of the quests in the 1 or 2 level range without much difficulty. I attribute this to the fact that the builds strengths: Can inflict good DPS, Can Use Feats and Attack Boost to Quickly Handle Choice Mobs like Casters and Bosses, High Hit Points to Buffer Damage, Self Heal with Lay On Hands, High Resistance to Debuff Spells, High Resistance to Poison.

    The only real weaknesses it has is that it doesn't have strong crowd control abilities since it is a melee character class, meaning mobs need to be picked off one at a time. It also will take high damage from Lightening Bolt, and Scorching Ray whenever Kobold Shamans are missed or left unchecked.

    I highly suggest running the quests in Korthos first. This is to pick up things like the Bracers of Aid, and maybe a Bracers of Spearblock; get a free Trash weapon from Collaborator, and get a better Footwear item from Sacrifices (Anger's Step, Pathfinder Boots) or Stopping the Sahuagin (Might get Winter Boots in the Chest Though). If one is in a decent party or confident they can protect Heyton, Redemption is good for the Curative Cloak which can offer an cure light wounds clicky. However, if your running to 100 Favor just to re-roll then any quest is fine to run, so long as you get to 100 Favor. Harbor quests are generally your best bet for getting the quickest experience possible. Join a party in the LFM or start your own and ask for an elite opener (unless able to Open Elite without a Hard Completion) and grind out that 25 Turbine Points real quick. If you can open elite then feel free to solo since you can open elite on everything.

    Dwarf Bard, Level 3 Shipwreck Shore Character


    Strength 16*
    Dexterity 10 (Could swap the 2 Points with Intelligence if needed for another skill to take)
    Constitution 18*
    Intelligence 8
    Wisdom 8
    Charisma 12

    *While you might not level, if you do then throw the stat point you get for level 4 in Strength if you get a +1 Strength Enhancement item (like from Anger's Gift for example) or put it into Constitution and grab your Dwarven Constitution I when you level.


    Whatever you want really. Balance, Tumble, Concentration, Jump, and Perform are all good choices to look into, Spot or Listen, Heal or Repair are also nice.


    Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons

    Spend Action Points:

    Dwarven Axe Damage I
    Dwarven Spell Defense 1
    Bard Inspired Damage I
    Bard Lingering Song I
    Bard Energy of Music I
    Bard Inspired Attack I
    Racial Toughness I
    Bard Extra Song I
    Bard Song Magic I
    Bard Lyric of Song I

    Spell Choice:

    Master's Touch, Cure Light Wounds, Focusing Chant. Could grab Exp. Retreat but Anger's Step can give you that if you really want it. At level 4 you gain level 2 Bard spells, but there are so many good ones it would be hard to tell you what to pick.

    Weapon Choice:

    Ember Axe, Molin's Axe, Greatclub or Maul, Trash Weapons for Mobs; Can Also use one handed weapons like Longswords and Rapiers if you don't take Master's Touch right away and don't want to suffer an attack penalty.


    This build is mostly designed to make use of the bare minimum Charisma for spellcasting with high Constitution to make up for the Bards low Hit Points and decent Strength to land blows. Additionally you augment yourself with Inspire Courage and some of the Bards useful spells early on like Focusing Chant for Attack or Master's Touch to increase your ability to hit things.

    I'm using a Dwarf because out of the free races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling) the Dwarf has the Extra Constitution, can make use of its Axe Masteries to greatly improve its Two Handed Weapon Damage (the optimal weapon type for any Favor Grinder) and has some useful spells. I Chosee Bard because the class can also self-heal while not giving up too much combat ability like the Cleric while being able to self-heal a bit more then a Paladin who might be limited with just the one Lay on Hands. I also generally find that Bards are fairly easy to use once you understand how to make use of the various songs and spells at its disposal.

    A Cookie Cutter Quest Route for Favor Farming

    Heyton's Rest (6)
    Storehouse Secret (6)
    Cannith Crystal (6)
    Collaborator (12)

    Bringing the Light (6)
    Information is Key (12)
    Recovering the Lost Tome (9)
    Home Sweet Sewer (2)

    Necromancer's Doom (6)
    Sacrifices (9)
    Stopping the Sahuagin (9)

    Arachnophobia (2)
    Miller's Secret (2)
    Explosive Situation (2)
    Durk's Got a Secret (12)

    Overview of General Favor Running Quests

    Below is a list of quests in the level 1-2 range and the solo quests you can run and what I consider to be the easiest and the hardest. Note that this is my opinion and some of it is made up due to rares you may encounter that may not even be there. If a quest is easy for you and I listed it as hard then feel free to run it. Even if you haven’t run all the quests I’ve listed all that much, you should probably run them all to gauge just how tough they are for you.

    Note that I don’t use ship buffs while favor farming and I generally don’t make use of a hireling to aid me. I just make the character, get off the ship, and go about grinding immediately. Getting Ship Buffs or a Hireling however can make a hard quest all that much easier to beat.

    Obviously if your a level 1 character out of Korthos, you should start in Kothos since that is where the easiest quests are (and you will have difficulty in higher level quests like the harbor at level 1). If you want to though, you can go to the harbor to try and find a group to level in and you can do very well in a group by helping others out with Inspire Courage.

    Fast, Easy Quests (Total 82)

    Heyton's Rest (6)
    Storehouse Secret (6)
    Collaborator (12)
    Necromancer's Doom (6)
    Sacrifices (9)
    Gambler's Den (6)
    Information is Key (12)
    Durk's Got A Secret (12)
    Miller's Debt - Level 2 Solo (2)
    Home Sweet Sewer - Level 3 Solo (2)
    Sunken Sewer (9)

    Note: These are all quests I got about +2 Favor/Minute or more, based on duration of time in quest until it's completion; that weren't failed due to death/incapacitation, failed quest objectives, or my character needing to run away from fights to complete. Timing was only done when in the quests solo on Elite.

    Slower, Easy Quests (61)

    Cannith Crystal (6)
    Stopping the Sahuagin (9)
    Misery's Peak (12)
    Recovering the Lost Tome (9)
    A Man Named Baudry Cartamon (6+6+9)
    An Explosive Situation - Level 3 Solo (2)
    Arachnophobia - Level 2 Solo (2)

    Note: These quests the favor was much slower then above. They were still easy though and didn’t require any real tactics or anything to complete.

    Harder Quests – Due to quest being just hard (45)

    Stealthy Repossession (9) – Requires either Stealth, Tactics, Pure Luck, or a Mixture of the three to complete.
    Redemption (9) – Protecting Lars Heyton Solo can be quite difficult as he is more likely to get attacked.
    Walk the Butcher's Path (12) – With 1 to 3 Shamans every encounter, Lightening Bolts are likely to hit you quite a bit.
    Haverdasher (6) – If you can’t kill the Scorpions fast enough there is a high chance of you getting overwhelmed.
    Missing in Action (9) – The Traps and the Kobold Shamans scattered throughout the level don’t make it easy.

    Note: Note that for a lot of these quests, simple use of tactics can make all the difference. If you kill a select few Kobold Prophets in Stealthy Repossession then the quest isn’t too hard, and in Missing in Action if you reenter the quest you can avoid having to walk through the Lightening Traps (Just recall and reenter). On the others you can probably beat it with a good hire, like a Melee Hireling with Intimidate for protecting Lars or a simple Healbot for the others (though in Butcher’s Path you may want to try running out of the Line of Sight of Shamans to kill everything else before dealing with just them).

    Harder Quests – Due to Rare mobs or Bosses (42)

    Sunken Sewer (9) – Hissahr is really strong and the Scorpions don’t make him easier.
    Kobold's New Ringleader (12) – Bloodknuckles isn’t hard to kill, but you aren’t hard to kill either!
    Smuggler's Warehouse (9) – Rancor and Calamity Rares are tough to kill and can really hurt.
    Garrison's Missing Pack (12) – Furor hits hard and may keep your tripped during the entire fight.

    Note: Again, simple use of tactics can make all the difference. The Traps in Smuggler’s Warehouse will hit mobs too so if you run the Spiders and Scorpions into those traps – rares included, then the quest can be much easier to complete. Luring Bloodknuckles to the shrines as well can work well because if he kills you, you can just revive and kill him. For the others you might just try having a healbot around to simply heal you through the entire fight.
    Last edited by DavionFuxa; 01-25-2012 at 07:56 PM. Reason: Edit: Updated Guide since much has changed over a year.

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    Guide Writers Note: Because of the incentive to Favor Grind when the Dungeons and Dragons Online Store had all Adventure Packs off at 30%, I gained substantial experience in Favor Grinding. As such I jotted down the information in this guide for others to benefit from.

    Disclaimer: Feel free to reproduce portions of this guide as you wish, but please give me credit when you do so. This guide may be updated should I feel like it, or if edits need to be made to information that is inaccurate. Feel free to point out such inaccuracies in this thread.

    Credit: Information regarding the milestone achievements on each server is based off information that came from Robi3.0’s F2P Guide.

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    thx, +1. bookmarked for further reference.

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    Default Favor Grinding

    I would add,

    Learn how to run 2 clients simultaneously. I originally created a free account just because I hated running back to Korthos to get hard/elite on the introductory quests. By leveling up a character and unlocking elite on all of the low level quests, my new characters were able to run each of the beginning quests on elite at creation and leave Korthos for good and all.

    There are discussions about running 2 clients in various places, the one that helped me set up my 2 client system was:

    When I run 2 clients, I set both to windowed mode so I can easily switch back and forth between the two.

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    Thread very much approved!

    Another more general guide on this: RoBi3.0's Free to Play Guide

    Also .. ( /whistles pointing at sig)
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    Just a quick update with a couple cookie cutter builds and some opinions for the quests.

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    If you aren't running two clients, how do you open up on elite quickly? A VIP player can go straight to hard, but otherwise you need assistance to start anywhere but normal. I don't see how you can get "2 favor per minute" and still do the quests 2 or 3 times to reach that plateau.

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    good informative guide, +1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azuarc View Post
    If you aren't running two clients, how do you open up on elite quickly? A VIP player can go straight to hard, but otherwise you need assistance to start anywhere but normal. I don't see how you can get "2 favor per minute" and still do the quests 2 or 3 times to reach that plateau.
    I timed the quests individually while running them solo on elite with the Drow Paladin. Though I'll spell it out to clairfy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azuarc View Post
    If you aren't running two clients, how do you open up on elite quickly? A VIP player can go straight to hard, but otherwise you need assistance to start anywhere but normal. I don't see how you can get "2 favor per minute" and still do the quests 2 or 3 times to reach that plateau.
    I’m not too much a fan looking for a PUG, to open Elite when Favor farming. But I do see the occasional offer in General. Enough times that I find I do not need to LFM a Favor farming.
    I prefer doing my Favfarming soloing, some players I have partied with seem to be more completion-ist, they do all the breakables, now I won’t complain, not even frown about that, Unless they are doing favor farming then it’s like “what the hell you doing?”, but if someone that is willing to let me run with them on Elite, and feel the need to get max Exp, I’ll help, because I didn’t have to norm/hard my way to Elite. Korthos village quest, elite openers shaves 12 - 14 minutes per quest (6-7 minutes per quest which includes times to talk with NPC x2 )

    Maybe I missed it, but I think running a favor farmer with a Cleric Hireling is also a good plan
    One thing I do, is right after The Collaborator , I will do Redemption, this opens/unlocks Misery Peak, I do not like doing that quest more then once, so having it opened and watching on General for an elite opener was my plan.

    Sunken Sewer is a good one for Favor farming, and you just take the open route, very quick

    I will loot, sometimes , I do need repair coins

    2 things (I think) that would make life as a favor farmer easier, Veteran Status and Shared Bank

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