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    Default Great big sad panda :(

    Ok, see. you give an inch they will take an inch and a half!

    I have disabled my rep!! I got a neg rep today and i dont even know why. Im very very very upset, i can hardly eat my sunday roast and the vienetta is right out the window. My first even neg rep.

    So yes!! well done to you, you know who you are and your evil actions have both scared and disillousioned me. My faith in humanity is now extinct.

    Im going to find a kitty to take out my frustrations on *

    * the poster can not be responsible for people who are unable to detect scarcasim.

    Also, just a final point but if anyone ever takes any of my posts with anything more then a small, o so small, pinch of a white common table condiment then more fool you.

    1. I like to joke about.

    2. I try to not take the game or forum too seriously.

    3. I have no idea on what im tal;king about most of the time. To quote J C Mc ginley " I know nothing, in fact i know less then nothing. Even if i knew that i knew nothing that would be something, but i dont."
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    I believe my left thumb is Gimp. I think I need to reroll.
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    -1. Stop whining and eat your damn breakfast. If you don't:
    1)You'll feel groggy and unenergetic
    2)You'll never get over that listerine hangover
    3)That "cat food" is going to go bad eventually and waste is a four letter word while the world wants green
    4)You're a tree hugging hippy so eat up
    5)There are people in vietnam that would kill for a stray that fat

    You are a horrible person. I hope noone ever reads this because it'll make their stomach hurt like mine does.
    Some people can't find a cat every day, and I believe that rat was undercooked, so I probably only
    have a week or two. Now you've managed to rub living in my face too.

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    Hi, welcome.
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