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    Default need a pvp anti-arcane archer build

    Hi, I'd like to make an anti-arcane ranger/multiclass build. I've seen some rangers which manage to get the upper hand on my arcane by hitting me with a lot of strength sapping arrows in quick succession.....I find that pretty neat.

    I'd like to combine that with something that is EXTREMELY fast at moving (can avoid MM, aoe's....etc quite easily). I was thinking of building something combining sprint boosts. I'm yet to work out if the whole thing's viable (will probably be quite a challenge in pve and may end up soloing it up).

    Couple questions.....

    1) does barb sprint boost + bonus running speed stack with ranger sprint boost ?
    2) when I got hit by 5+ arrows at the same time....was that a repeater or just a bow with many shot that the ranger was using?
    3) is the thing that FS do with their wings called Leap of Faith? Given at lvl17?

    The goal is to have something that can avoid damage spells and can disable a caster before he gets my mantle down. If I could manage 450+hp that would be great too.

    The point of the build is to surprise, overwhelm and make some of those casters which use gimp tactics a bit more accountable. 20 seconds in and out.
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