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    Default Barrage - A weapon comparison tool

    A comparison tool for those of you who know how much damage your weapons do, but you need a calculator to average it all together and test it against various DR/Fortification.

    Current Version 1.5.1 - Main

    .NET 2.0

    Design Goal
    In checking out some of the weapon comparison tools players were using I thought we could use something a little different. It seemed like it was faster do to the comparison by hand then to fill in all the fields in a dps calculator. Barrage does not ask you to input your entire build with ability scores, feats, enhancements, and items. Instead it expects that you can find your own damage mod and adds a few simple calculations. This means it's a lot faster to use and does not require updating whenever Turbine releases a new update to class abilities or items.

    Damage Calculation Help
    Crafted item properties - proc rate, DC, damage and such
    Monster DR Bypass Types
    DDO Wiki - Game Mechanics

    Special Notes
    1) Since it does not use 'weapon types' if you want to compare a 1h with a 2h or a 2h against DR you will need to approximate your glancing blow damage and add it as a 'Proc / Misc' effect with 'Apply DR' checked.
    2) The final average attack is an average of your crit damage with normal damage and a 5% miss chance. Attack speed is never taken into account. Keep this in mind when comparing weapons of different types
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