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    Default Acid Blase or Lightning Blast?

    Heres the short deal.

    I have 2 weapons on Tier II. One going Mineral II, and one going Lightning II.

    I was about to get them both to Tier III, when something hit me, and i though it would be good to ask:

    - My character has AC. Not epic level AC, mind you, but with a +4 insight from one of the weapons it will reach the 60s - good enough for it to be useful.

    The original plan always has been to stick AC in one of the GS weapons. The question that arose is: on wich one?

    The plan is to have doubles of Ligt II and Min II eventually, but i need plenty of other GS and will have very few ingredients after the craft is finished. So it will take a while.

    So the real choice is: Should i take Insight on the Min II and Lightning Blast on Light II, or should i take Insight on Light II and Acid Blast on Min II?
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    lightning damage is better then acid damage as its resisted a lot less

    so do it on your mineral
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visty View Post
    lightning damage is better then acid damage as its resisted a lot less

    so do it on your mineral
    This guy speaks wisely.

    Also, if you are going all-out AC you can put +2 Exc DEX on your other Light II. Not sure what type of build you have though.

    +2 Exc CON on Min II is nice if yer hurting for HPs.
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    If you're going to make a defensive weapon, then make a defensive weapon...

    Tier1 - Holy
    Tier2 - 15% Fire Absorb
    Tier3 - +4 Insight + Radiance

    Holy for breaking trash DR, the AC bonus, protection against the multitude of fire attacks above and beyond energy resistance and protection from it blinds stuff on crits (hello, 50% miss chance against you).

    Alternately, swap out the Holy for 10% healing amp...but that might be bad for Amrath etc, since you'd stop being able to break trash DR.

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