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    Default Automatic raid timer spreadsheet

    Fed up with switching characters to find out which of your characters are on timer? So was I - so this morning I was bored and created a spreadsheet on Google docs that you can use to track your characters' raid timers.

    Click here to go to the template, then click 'Use this Template'. Note: you need a Google account to use this spreadsheet.

    Once you're loaded - simply put your account name (e.g. Garth_of_Sarlona) in the top, and then fill in up to ten characters you wish to track and the data is automagically pulled from by the power of Google. Note: you must make your characters you wish to track public on - there's an excellent guide explaining this by geoffhanna here.

    UPDATE: The spreadsheet now supports automatic raid completion counters.

    Instructions for use

    Prerequisites: You must have a google account to download the spreadsheet. You must have made your characters public (see guide linked above).

    Step 1: Download the sheet.

    Go to the template here, and click on the 'use this template' button.

    Step 2: Fill in your account and characters

    First, fill in your account name (this should match your forum name) at the top:

    Then, fill in your character names (up to 10) in the larger boxes at the top of each column. At this point, the timers for those characters should magically appear:

    If your timers do not appear then it's possible that your characters are not public, or maybe the spreadsheet had a problem connecting to - to force a retry just make an edit on the page, but the sheet only hits a maximum of once every 10 minutes so you might have to wait for it to update.

    Step 2b: Timezone correct

    If you've manually changed the timezone in thenyou need to correct for this by putting a value into the timezone field. The value should be a fraction of days e.g. 3 hrs (PST) is less 3/24 = -0.125 (just put =-3/24 in the field). Your mileage may vary, experiment with different values until the times match what you're seeing in DDO.

    Step 3: Populate the raid completions

    Go to DDO and type /quest completions on each of your characters, then fill in the data into the small column beside each raid for each character. IMPORTANT never edit the fields where the timers appear or you'll break your spreadsheet!

    Step 4: Initialize the cache

    Go to the 'cache' tab (bottom of the screen) and click the 'Initialize' button. This will only have to ever be done once or if the sheet gets out of sync in future. Note: you might get a warning about running the script, if you go to Tools...Scripts...Manage you can view what they do to check I'm not doing anything nefarious

    Step 5: Set up the automatic triggers

    Unfortunately when I publish a sheet to Google Templates, I cannot also publish script triggers so if you want the sheet to automatically update without you having to open it, you need to set up these triggers.

    To do this, go to Tools->Scripts->Script Editor

    Then go to Triggers->Current Script Triggers...

    Then add a trigger to run the updateRaids script every 10 minutes. The script is running on Google platform so no need to be cautious with overloading it.

    All Done! Return to the 'Raid Timers' sheet, and it will automatically poll every 10 minutes and ensure that it keeps your raid counters up to date. You can also manually get it to update by clicking on the 'update' button on the front page.

    If the raid counters get out of sync, then just edit them on the main page manually and do the cache Initialize operation again to get the sheet back in sync.

    You can then either leave it as a spreadsheet, or ask Google to publish as a webpage e.g. I keep my timers here for easy access from anywhere.

    To publish as a webpage click the Share button in the top right, then do 'Publish as a webpage'

    ...then select the Raid Timers sheet and do 'publish'.. Make sure you have 'automatically republish when changes are made' enabled.

    Let me know if you find any bugs or if it's useful!


    Revision log:
    2010-04-17 Original release
    2010-05-14 Add raid counter support
    2010-09-05 Fix link to timers
    2011-06-07 Fix link to template for those using Google app domains
    2011-06-24 Fix another link

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