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    Default The things you find in your yard!

    Careful what you dig for, you might be surprised at what you find. Like these people here

    And for their next trick they are going to find.... Heeeeey is that Hoffa???
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    Hi welcome!

    (I wonder if I'll get banned for this?)

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    That's the government for you!

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    The problem is that until only recently (Within say the last 50 years.)

    We as a soceity never truly understood the ramifications
    of some of the stuff we used to do.

    Note the dates on the stuff they are digging up

    That stuff was buried so time around WWI

    Even in world war 2 we were still very ignorant
    of what could happen down the road with this kind stuff...

    And what to do with it, when we disposed of it, or even how to dispose of it...

    And that iggnorance contiued even into Viet Nam.

    Many Vetrans are still dealing with the effects of things like
    Agent Orange and other Chemical and Biological weapons.

    And this was pervasive of not only our country but others as well.

    We are learning to be much more resposible with things like this...

    And disposal of Hazardous materials is now a HUGE priority with the
    Military and the Govt. And they take no prisoners if you violate the laws.
    They will come down on you Like a Ton of Bricks!

    but sadly... as this shows.

    We still have a very LONG way to go.

    As there are many things out there
    that we don't even know about...

    Why oh why were we all so.... stupid.
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