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    Default For that special occasion

    When you want to give your loved one that extra special gift to mark the occasion.

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    I don't actually know what is going on, but it is a lot of fun!
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    This is actually Argonnessen's motto.
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    I agree, this gif is very...ALL HAIL HYPNOBABY!! /blank stare

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    There is an "Alternate" Forum, PM Strakeln for details.
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    Cake Wrecks is awesome, too.

    I saw that image before and it made me gag a little:

    At my aunt's baby shower they did something similar with diapers and turning them into this massive and heavy bouquet.

    Well... What goes in must come out.


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    It's actually (you missed the 'e'). And thanks for that. I'm sick to my stomach just looking at the first page. :P
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