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    Do you feel Quicken is worth it over Extend?
    I think so, but its hard to judge. Concentration was never an issue, but the delay in attacking did lessen DPS when I wanted to cast a spell and if things were dicey, then the spells were sometimes too slow to be a good emergency heal. Generally I go to lay on hands for that but it can run out. I would like extend, but I'm used to the short buffs and there are really only two that are key and have a duration, divine favor and Zeal. Both are a bit more than a minute. Which as it turns out is about the same as my non spell buff, divine might. So I tend to throw them all just before a fight, or in a long fight I will throw up zeal in the middle if needed. Most fights at high level either last a long time, or the are super short. Quicken also makes it much easier to buff while running to the next fight. I think on the whole I prefer it to having a couple buffs last longer.

    If you were to level your current build from level 1 how would you break down the classes and feat selection?
    I'll have to re-do the main build here for it, or list the two variations. I'd like the CE back, but the current build is pretty darn fun without it and more straight forward.

    Is your ki gen crazy with improved crit and longsword?
    I'm not sure, its pretty good though. I find fire stance makes the biggest difference, without it I can have issues getting ki up, with it I'm golden and my bar is always full unless I'm spamming the elemental strikes (which I do in boss fights when all the smites are gone). Sometimes I get a long series of crits and its definitely ki jackpot time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobril View Post
    @Sigtrent – Have you considered maximize instead of empower healing? The difference is substantial and mana gear will offset the cost. You don’t need this kind of healing often but when you do you need every last ounce.
    My main has maximize for healing instead of quicken, and it does amp it up pretty high by comparison. My mana bar is pretty shallow though (about 400 or so) and I felt like the extra heal wouldn't quite be worth the extra mana. My cure serious hits for 330 and I only have 440 HP so unless I am in an "Oh ****" kind of moment thats about as big as I need it to be and if not then I can hit the LOH which is 420.

    The cure serious saved my bacon yesterday when my assigned healer got killed in hound, the cure serious kept me up until the bees came out and the LOH kept me up until the healer was back on his feat.
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    You can see my many builds listed in this thread.

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    Thanks for the response. To be honest I have never used quicken so I am not sure what I think about it. I have used extend on my bard since day one and pretty much keep it active 24/7. Spell points should be less of an issue since I have a FvS splash. The problem I run into is the level 2 spells req. That takes paladin level 9. Also with the twf changes I want to take GTWF as soon as I can making me probably want to take quicken at level 18. I think I'll stick with extend this TR.

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