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    Default Dual Greensteel Dwarven Axes

    I've read an ancient thread on this, and both metaline is suggested. Honestly, I can't fault the metaline on it's own, it's sweet. But it seems that two metalines is overkill, what about uncrittable targets?

    What do you think about these two for a Dwarven multiclass ranger:

    +5 Greensteel Dwarven Axe (2d8, 20/x3) With +6 Dexterity , Acid Burst, +1d6 acid, +1d10/2d10/3d10 on crit - +3 AC (deflection), +3 saves (resistance), +10 balance, +4 AC (Insight) - Elemental Mastery (+1d6 acid, electric, fire, cold, 10-20% for each)

    +5 Greensteel Dwarven Axe (2d8, 20/x3) With +6 Constitution, +2 AC (Insight) - Stoneskin (2/day), Acid Blast (1d10 * (critical multiplier -1) on Critical, + 4d6 on 20) - Transmuting, Keen/Impact, Slicing (+1d4 Bleed damage), +8 hardness, +80 durability

    I figure in situations where I want to go all crit I can just use my old Sever in the offhand. I'll have to find an alternate for the uncrittable off hand, on some targets that are acid immune I'll be kind of screwed...


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    not to sound harsh but those two are ****

    rather go with lighning2 if you dont want another mineral

    holy, acidburst, acidblast one the mineral one
    holy, shocking burst, shocking blast on the lightning
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    i think it may have to do with the DR of some bosses. MinII will cover both the good and silver(transmuting) parts of Harry's DR. the LitII won't.

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    I agree that those choices are less than ideal. The MinII will pass most DR which in boss fights is great. If you don't want to go dual min thats fine but you might really want to think of the follow:

    Holy, acid burst, acid blast
    (or optional acid, good burst, acid blast) - this option usually goes with weapons with a higher crit range but they are your weapons, do what you want with them

    For the other:

    Holy, shocking burst, shocking blast
    (optional shock, good burst, shocking blast - see above)


    "Triple Positive"
    Holy, good burst, good blast
    This is not as fancy as the two above but you know the holy or good will at least hit most of the mobs in the game.

    I'd would also only consider adding +4 ac (insight) if it will really help your AC or if you plan on using this with a shield to "turtle up" at some point. Additionally you can add a +2 stat to one of these if you think it will help your build.

    Bottom line is that again they are your weapons so in the end pick whatever "super" effect you want. People will tell you this or that as we have tested these out and know what effects work and which ones are total ****.
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    My 2cents?

    The +6 stats are a complete waste due to having easy access to items with them on. Secondly you can find +5 protection and +5 resistance items and they won't stack, thirdly I would put the insight ac on tier 3 if you prefer that route but honestly at endgame you'll be worrying more about damage done unless you a major ac build, it won't stack with another insight bonus iirc.

    You could also add an exceptional stat instead to tier 3 or 2 which will stack with a +6 (+7 if you have epic gear) item.

    Honestly with holy, acid burst, acid blast min 2 you can't go wrong. It's not ideal for every situation but from a crafting perspective, no matter what, you'll always be doing decent damage.
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    The thing about non min2 greensteel is you are going to face a lot of dr that you won't be able to bypass. So all this speculating on which upgrades... what good is it to have some weapon that drops your dps by 10+ for each and every single blow? In a long endboss battle, where you swing your weapon dozens of times, that dps you are losing causes the fight to take a lot longer than it has too, costing more sp from the healers, potentially leading to deaths and/or failure of the quest.

    This is why ppl tend to gravitate towards min2, at least from what i have seen. Bear in mind I'm not some grizzled vet who's played ddo for 5 yrs so ymmv.

    Oh hey as an aside a lot of ppl go with acid/good burst. ever so slightly worse vs harry in shroud or other endgame evil baddies but more general purpose for non evil foes. This is especially good if you use a high threat range weapon like falchion, scimitar, etc.
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    Silly me for thinking acid burst and acid blast wouldn't stack. The full bursting mineral II for both sounds great. Then it frees up a feat for imp crit as well. Thank you.
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